Thursday, March 5, 2015

FAQ: Why are they called avatars?

Quote: Avatars are people like you and me. Enjoy the Pele link.

I asked a group of unseen people, "What do you want to be called?" They all agreed to be called avatars because they can take on a human or animal shell to walk on Earth. A general definition of avatar is a deity that takes on a physical form. The word avatar fits, except they are people like you and me.

I have encountered countless avatars in both human and animal shells.
Below is a link to my encounter with Pele.
Later in the blog, more details will be posted on other encounters, though I still need to cover some avatar basics. 

I almost forgot, avatars can make shells of everyday items. The ones I have seen are backpacks, food, cameras, bicycles, motorcycles, plastic sack, glass bottle, and moving cars.

Update - 2016 April 16 -  Location, labels, grammar, date

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