Sunday, April 26, 2015

Avatar Substitution - Bike Crash in Posey Tube

Posey Tube Elevated Walkway
Quote: "You have to love your avatar for the cool things they do. Avatar substitution is one of the best." Clueless Wonder
An avatar substitution happens when the avatar takes over your body for an upcoming event that is beyond your ability to control. The only parts of the event that you will remember are the beginning and the end. An example of avatar substitution was when I crashed my bicycle. I will describe what I experienced and follow with what I saw in the record.

The crash - From the Alameda office, I rode my bike to Lake Merritt BART station. The rain made the tunnel's elevated walkway wet as I entered the Posey Tube. My sense of time stopped. The next thing I remembered is waking up on the concrete walkway. I saw the damaged bicycle upside down and faced the other direction. I gathered all my stuff and started to walk the bicycle to BART. That was all I remembered from the crash.

In the record - When using my avatar’s eyes, I can view Ibol's record of the crash. I see myself almost entering the Posey Tube when my shoulder avatar, Ibol, descended into my body. She pushed my soul out and into the waiting arms of her friend, Kenisha, to hold until the crash was over. Ibol now has control of my body and the bicycle for the upcoming event. The front wheel potato chipped, as Ibol crashed the bike into the railing. The avatar flew over the handlebars and landed on the tunnel's walkway. As she ascended, I instantly returned to my body and wondered why I am on the walkway. For good measure, Kenisha bicycled to the crash to ensure that I was o.k. She reminded me that my face was hurt, then she bicycled further down the walkway. When out of sight, both shells, her and bicycle, disappeared.

I have read of similar events that happen to people. The avatar takes the hit to allow a happy outcome. Without her help, I may have had a worst accident. Thank you!

2016 July 16 - Add pic, Kenisha, linear time, and grammar 
2024 May 3 - changed font reposted pic

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