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FAQ: Where is my avatar on me and soul development?

Quote: "It's a new world...enjoy the afterlife." The Soul Keepers

At birth, you are paired with an avatar. A portion of your avatar, a remnant, inhabits your human body at birth. The first coming begins the development of your soul. Your avatar watches over you through the development years of your soul.

Speak: a.k.a. Imaginary Friend
At this stage, your avatar is your soul. As you and your remnant grow up, your avatar uses your voice to direct you. Talk-singing may be common because avatar prefer to sing their thoughts, not speak them.

A view bubble can be used to move parts of your physical body. Examples of avatar hands are in surgery and perfect throws. 

As you get older your avatar assume a different location on your body while they guide you through your adult life. The avatar torso comes out above your shoulder as though they are sitting on your shoulders. This is the end of your soul's development where your physical body was used as a mold.

The face of an avatar can be superimposed on top of your face allowing them to use you to speak. The avatar teams with you on your discussions. Online videos have numerous examples of avatar dialogue.

The voice inside you head originates from your avatar/s speaking into your view bubble. The effect on Earth does not occur inside your head, but surround your head.

Your avatar can descend again to be one with your physical body. This is the second coming. Your human body becomes one with your avatar gaining access to their abilities. Seeing other avatars and reading human and avatar records are now possible. You still have your shoulder avatar.

Other Descents:
Other avatars can descend and be one with your physical body. These would be additional comings. You gain access to their abilities.

Your avatar and your soul are separated at death. Your shoulder avatar wonders Earth as a spirit, while you are placed in a waiting room, a.k.a. heaven, or a pit, a.k.a. hell or purgatory, for cleansing. When all is ready, you are shipped out to one of the dream worlds.

Death revision: 
No longer will you be separated from your avatar at death. In order to cleanse Venus, all shoulder avatars need to be reunited with their human soul.

Updated - 2016 April 16 - Label, Location, Grammar, added development of the soul, death revision.
Updated - 2016 June 18 - Added imaginary friend
Updated - 2016 September 24.  Added line above couple heading.
Updated - 2017 April 4 - Fixed punctuation.
Updated - 2017 April 23 - Grammar, Added other descents, Venus cleaning, 2nd link, labels, voice, hands. Changed twelve to dream. Note that the descending order is not necessary the order of soul's development. 
Updated - 2017 April 26 - change speak to dialogue. More speak to imaginary friend. Yes, I know I have to go back and change a bunch of speak to dialogue, but the progression makes sense. Your imaginary friend guides you and is telling you what to do. Dialogue is a conversation between two adults.
Update - 2017 May 7 - minor spacing 

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