Saturday, September 17, 2016

Avatar Process: War Invasion Soul Collector

 After the Devil's Bridge blog post, I was curious about other events in human history. I viewed online war images and decided to investigate the Omaha Beach landing

Quote: "When J.C mentioned we would be fishermen of souls, he meant it literally." Fisherman Bob

Upon entering, my shoulder avatar and I saw several soul collectors walk the beach as the avatars reeled in the soul after soul. Behind me, we saw more collectors ride the Flood sea into the war zone to help collect souls.

We flew close to a collector and the fisherman avatar motioned me to take a line. I saw the fisherman throw a line which snagged a soul in a dead soldier's body. He immediately pulled the soul out and reeled it back in the collector. Once in the collector, a fellow soldier grabbed the new soul to revive them.

Inside the collector, another green avatar commanded other soldiers to pull and push the peg legs to move the collector down the beach. I heard the command avatar mention the urgency to retrieve all the souls before the monster even gets one. Beneath the sand, a black shadow seeks souls in terror for their purpose. It's a race between the fishermen and the shadow to retrieve the souls.

In the record, when JC said to his apostle, "I will make you fisher of men", he meant it literally

2016 October 21 - add labels and location
2017 February 1 - added Peter is fisherman Bob. He just like the nickname.
2017 June 23 - Changed fly to the Flood sea we all live which was placed on the Earth during the Flood which protects all of humankind but dulls our abilities. More on that later.
2018 May 12 - spelling, added in the record
2024 May 3 - reposted pic, changed font


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