Saturday, September 24, 2016

Avatar Catch: The Boy that Twirled.

Picture from SF Chronicle - May 12, 2015

"I love all the people of SF. It is my sworn duty to protect every last one of you." SF City Avatar.

SF Chronicle:
"According to police, Andrew was running across San Jose Avenue in a crosswalk before being hit and was almost struck by two cars driving south. The boy did some sort of “pivot move” in front of one car before landing in the path of a northbound train traveling on San Jose Avenue, police said."

ABC News:
"What's not clear is how, but the boy made a pivot move off of that secondary vehicle," said Officer Albie Esparza. "As a result, he landed in the street on northbound San Jose Avenue where the LRV was traveling."

In the record:
The SF City avatar saw the boy's future timeline which kills him. She decided to save the boy's life without injury. The night before, she instructed each driver's shoulder avatar to have their human brake their car before they hit the boy.

As the time approaches for the fatal accident, three dark souls raced towards their newest victim. One broke off for the train, while the catcher and pusher closed in on the boy. The SF avatar was powerless to stop the catcher from holding the boy's foot, as the pusher grabbed and twirled the boy toward the oncoming train. With heighten fear from both the boy and his avatar's remnant, the train ran him over as the third dark soul retrieves their newest member.

Back at the house:
A day later, I read the article in the paper. We had a short meeting to discuss a possible different outcome of the event. We reviewed my avatar substitution and how I had a hard finish that made an unchangeable timeline. The monkey on boy's back sent him blindly into traffic that would have ended his life. It was suggested that the boy could have bounced off the second car, fall, then injury his arm which saves his life. The boy needed to learn not to let a monkey determine his actions.

2024 May 12 - changed font, reposted pic 

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