Saturday, November 19, 2016

Avatar Energy Bank: Human Sports

Reading the SF Chronicle before the final playoffs, June 18, 2016

Quote: "The team that wins earns its victory...though it may be exciting to the very end." Olympic Goddess Nike

In my flat, I am standing at the kitchen counter top reading the sports section. Behind me, I feel the presence of five female sports avatars, the Raptor, Cavalier, Warrior, Thunder and an Olympic Goddess. One of the sports avatar mentally speaks to me.

"Who do you want to win?"
 "Who do you think should win?"
 "Typical. He answers a question with a question."

In the record, the avatar of the day continues to read as I leave my body to discuss the outcome with the ladies. I already know who will win. The area that needs the energy the most for their avatar energy bank.

Avatar plan to injury Stephen Curry, April 24, 2016
Olympic Goddess take charge of the sport energy: 
The freak accident that injured Stephan Curry was an avatar plan to even the teams. The Olympic Goddesses were not happy that Steph now could not attend the Summer Olympic Games. They decided to organize future sport energy for the banks. Back in May, the female sport avatars of the Raptor, Warrior, Cavalier, and Thunder cross trained to become one with the Olympic Goddess.

Which banks get the sport energy:
Ferguson, Missouri and Cleveland, Ohio experienced unrest over police shootings. The energy from a Warrior and Cavalier playoff games went to the Great Plains Energy Bank and the new energy bank above Lake Michigan.

Most recently, the Chicago murder rate is out of control. The Cub's victory over the Cleveland Indians sent a large chunk of energy to the Lake Michigan Energy Bank for cleansing the Chicago area of dark souls and avatars. 

Whether folks like it or not, a losing team is a good thing.

What an exciting Superbowl? Scoreless 1st Quarter, Amazing comeback, 1st one in overtime. That's a large chunk of energy for a triangle between the two cities and the game. And Lady Gaga was amazing.

Update - 2017 February 6 - added Superbowl

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