Saturday, November 5, 2016

2016 October - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Yeah...Pokemon Go is taking over my life." BlueDragon2401

31st - Pokemon Go has a special event on the walking buddy. It takes only a 1/4 of the walking distance to get a Pokemon candy, which is needed to power them up. 
So there I am walking up and down Solano Avenue maneuvering around all the trick or treaters. An elderly man followed by his wife gives me a chocolate ball. I attempt to give it back but he insisted that I take it and wished me Happy Halloween. The avatar of the day took it as I wonder out loud to my body whether I should be insulted or not.
In the record, he was Box man with one Lady of the Void in physical form. I open the record to read it and it comes out full size. Behind the Lady, I see the avatars of all the other Ladies which stretch all the way down the street and beyond. 

29th - I am Pokemon hunting in SF at Pier 45, an Asian woman with backpack and smart phone tells me that there a dratini at the end of the pier. I also happen to see the woman later in the day
In the record, she is the SF avatar doing Pokemon Go. The avatars are actively playing to learn to capture rogue avatars/souls and to battle them. 

25th - Walking around outside feels very odd. It rained that morning though the pavement was dry. The humidity was low and the temperature was mild with no breeze.
In the record, I examine a section of the air. I see green Earth energy mixed with blue water energy floating in the air about two stories high. The mix creates a yellow hue in the sea of energy we walk in. It is like a pond where the water slightly ripples at the top surface. The sensation is called "after-the-rain" smellPicture this, humans are deep sea divers walking on the energy sea bottom in energy bubbles.

24th - I start to share my blog post with the BAHVN. I will bring a different post each time we meet.

23rd - Jon and I are Pokemon hunting on the UCB campus. We meet an Asian male who directs us to the Strawberry Creek to find dratinis. It was the same male who talked to us about the different stats of the Pokemon a month ago.
In the record, one of the past UCB president took on a human body to help us on our Pokemon quest. He had an Asian appearance because he is a dragon from Mars.

22nd - I am Pokemon hunting in Pioneer Park by the Coit Tower. A foreign female asked me how to get to the stairs on Telegraph Hill. The avatar of the day, me, tells her the wrong directions. The foreign female asked again and I tell her I just came up them. She then tells me that she will look around anyway.
In the record, the Avatar of Coit Tower knows that I had not found the Telegraph Hill stairs. I used the Fransisco stairs. She wanted to ensure that I found them so I will visit her hill.

18th - I am attending the feedback session for the BAHVN. Midway through the session the energy wave kick in and I start to have breathe hiccups.

17th - Box man captures the avatar/soul nutters that come after me. To round them up, he used the principle: once touched, always in touch. Whenever they do avatar catch or force thought to me, he pulls the timeline up and they are attached to the line. He then deposits the timeline with catch in his bag behind him. Inside the bag is a mix of souls and avatars that do bathes to break the dark hold on the contaminated avatar/souls. The goal is to join the roaming shoulder avatar, a.k.a. spirits, with their soul.

15th - I am at that Embarcadero in SF for Pokemon Go hunting. A goofy male with smart phone and Pokemon Go backpack asked me what level I was. I replied and he left.
In the record, the SF city avatar was checking on me.
- There is a white haired male sitting at the Gandhi statue. For some reason, lots of good Pokemon appear at the location, one after the other, quickly.
In the record, Gandhi, the white male, and his Sister, in avatar form, were having fun watching folks collect the Pokemon. He enjoyed making them appear for us hunters to catch.

8-14th - Box man and his Sisters spend the week. Every avatar nutter came after me to get at Box man. He needs to get new friends 
- When the Box man's sisters were in me they found numbers very confusing at work. As though the concept of number had never existed for them. When you think about it, they existed before the universe. Numbers are a recent creation by humans, even avatar do not use them but understand them. As they said, "Why use number, when we see it all."

2016 November 13 grammar, spelling, added the 17th entry
2017 February 19 - added numbers to Box man 
2023 November 26 - changed intro and font

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