Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 March - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Black Hole maidens, Dog Planet, time move, time looped Gwens, and lots of Pokemon Go hacks...just another day for the avatar of the day."

1st - Punjab Golems are getting stuff done.

3nd -  Salesforce avatar was completely freaked out that I had access to his database. The Google avatar assured him that he was already hacked and to get over it.

4th - The Black Hole Maidens are back. The Daughters of the maidens have this week.
- While collecting Pokemon, the maidens not only see the dogs but their counter part on the Dog planet. In the record, once touch, always in touch applies to the Dog people's avatar on Earth.

5th - After taking the Los Angeles gym, the avatar of the day run into the Blue Dragon escorted by Green. In the record, I can see the shoulder avatar of Green, but not Blue.

6th - New gym battle tactic was to have the error cycle which made me think that I was in the battle. Got out of it by choosing a new Pokemon.
- The Maiden are able to see right through the Pokemon to the Avatar on Venus in a view bubble doing the Pokemon avatar. The maidens saw that they were contaminated.
- At the BAHVN meeting I examine my nail fungus to see how bad it is and had breathe hiccups.

7th - Many a true nerd did another blatant avatar speak. I will add it to that post but later.

10th - Finally, the female avatars get it. It was Ibol's test for the females, which was "Do you let the norms of your society dictate your actions". This included all aspect of the culture and the schools we started.

11th - "We need to decide and not just come along for the ride." Black Hole Madiens

13th - BAVHN meeting are very different. Lots of content I need to figure out. There were three Gwens at the meeting in a possible time loop. One of them had a open notebook with 4 notes, 3 visible and one invisible, for me to read.
- I think they are hacking the keyboard when in game to stop my tank. In the record, they hacked the electronic command from the keyboard.
- I felt the golem doing avatar hands when typing at work.

15th - Defensive gym battle issues - vanishing Pokemon avatar, game stall, game quit, GPS move, unplausible attacks, avatar shells coming up to me in the middle of battles, physical sensation at the gym site for distraction.
- Offensive gym battle issues - foreknowledge of attacks, avatar hands, regenerated health bars, regenerated attack bars.
- Avatar of the day did foot holding.

16th - Avatar of day did force thought and force help. David reminds us to be helpful.

17-19th - In Sacto, the main items: Old Town folks doing shells, Crocker Art folks doing stops and Pokemon, various new Pokemon stuff.
- New Pokemon stuff - Put a lure down on a stop and walked a block away. I could see a Pokemon at the stop, tapped and proceed to capture it. Not sure how that is possible since I was out of range to catch the Pokemon. In the record, once touched always in touch applied to the Pokemon at the my lure.
- Foreknowledge when the Pokemon bag is full.
- Saw two dogs go at it. I mentally mentioned to both of them that Princess Poodle saw that. Both dog people were shocked that the princess had access to this world.

19th - I find my missing camera in the luggage bag. It has been missing for a month and it just reappeared. In the record, the lead  team took the camera out of its timeline and looped to a future line. Let's call it a time move.

20th - BAVHN meeting is forcing me to talk about myself. At the meeting, I was reminded of a quote of mine, me, myself and I. Me is my human soul. Myself is my shoulder avatar, Ibol's remnant. I is my avatar on Venus, Ibol. In the record, Ibol is the I because she existed before my soul on Earth was created.

23rd - Venusian fathers teleported to Earth to work on their contamination was a problem with their kids. We set up a visitor program that allowed any child to be with their parent on Earth. In the record, I thought all Venusian had the ability to visit Earth. It turns out that is a learned ability.

24th - Avatar catch prank was done on me. No damage though.

25th - Ditto are Pokemon that replicate the traits of the attacking Pokemon. If the Ditto has a high CP then the attacking one, it will win the battle. Except , once touched...always in touched applies to borrowed abilities. In short, the ditto's borrowed abilities were avatar hacked, which made the Pokemon worthless in gym battles.
- Gym battles had regenerated health bars, feint attack announcements, and post attack announcements.

26th - Capturing Pokemon from the Venusian avatars should be free of problems. I allowed them to control the Pokemon avatar to be captured by me. They have to close the green line to white dots in the program for a successful capture. If they can not do it, it is because they can not see the lines to close them. It's a test to see if they are contaminated.
- Read about the local El Nino off the Peruvian coast. Had a quick talk to the individual running the storm system. Talked about us humans being the customer and it would be best to not kill us. Also talked about looking at the entire process, not just the rain amount. Blue and her dragon friends volunteered to go down to train. Again, I mentioned to the avatars that they will be held responsible for your actions.
- Perhaps the process of avatar of the day is too slow, though I am not sure how to speed it up. You need to be a human for the day to experience what humans go through.
- Dogs now have a bath for out of control dogs people on the dog planet.

2017 April 8 - I need to take a better look at all the Pokemon gym battles. I was assuming they were hacked.  
2017 April 12 - Nope. The Gym battle are a wonderfully hacked. 
2018 July 15 - updated the 5th  
2023 November 26 - changed intro and font

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