Saturday, September 30, 2017

Seeking help with a chess match

Chinese Chess

Quote: "What help you give would be immeasurable." Gray folks

 Well, I need help. 

The Gray folks told me that the Box folks need help. 
This would make sense since the controller of the Blob was a box type person. 
The scimitar that attacked the defense of my flat was the size of a box person weapon created by 13 strands.

The weather is actually fine, though not perfect. There are lots of dark souls and spirits, a.k.a. shoulder avatars, that need to be reclaimed by their owners. 

So here is the question, "Why would you accumulate lots of dark souls and spirits in a universe outside of yours?"
I feel like we, the universe, is in a chess match.

For instance, Vlad the Impaler, created tree monster in his world when he put humans on a stick in our world. I already took care of this in the world were they roamed.

I am missing something. 

You don't need to reply...just think about it. 
Your avatar will get back to me. 
Thanks for the help.

P.S. We get no help from Gray or Box folks. Once they say it, it changes. We are on our own. There is a reason I was tagged the clueless wonder.
I have no ideal what the location means. It just popped up.

Well, if I had to guess, the digital world is the move they can not see which is why I am under constant attack in Pokemon Go. In the record, the dark souls and spirits (a.k.a. shoulder avatars) can not see the digital world. It important that the Pokemon world be one with their emotions.

Well, If I had to guess yet again, a box man type program went rogue and stabbed his creator. In the record, I was shown the damage eye of Arthur, Bart's friend. It's now time to save the rogue box man and end the madness of our universe.

Update: 2017 September 30 - forgot pic. I think the chess match is more like the Chinese version.
2017 September 30 - Yes! Well done! If the Gray folks tell us, it is a move. But if neither side know of the move then it is unmeasurable. Thank you very much. is the move. I have to go to bed...thanks again.
2017 October 1 - Yes, I will publish a list of dark or contaminated stuff to provide a better picture. A quick answer about nukes, soul, and spirit. Nukes feed the dark one. Bad ideal.
And changed either to neither and minor grammar. sorry about that.
2019 March 16 - added digital world
2019 March 24 - added Arthur
2020 December 28 - minor grammar
2023 November 26 - reposted pic, changed font

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