Friday, December 15, 2017

2017 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Substitute an avatar a travel follows your way." Ibol

Megenaium - Webster Park avatar as a digital Pokemon
1st - I meet the avatar of the Webster Park, Mo. She appear on the Pokemon Go as the Meganium. I avatar talk to her to see what she wants. In the record, this was the first time an avatar of Earth took on a digital Pokemon form. Well done.

4th - In the airplane flying home, I look at the window and spot a golem rising up in the sky on brown stilts. She reaches window height, waves and walks faster than the airplane flying.  In the record, I want my next trip on Golem Air, a.k.a Golem Express. Think about it. They can walk faster then passenger jet.

 9th - I found a brown moth on the floor of my flat. I placed the moth on my hand. The avatar of the dying moth rose from the moth and kissed my forehead and gave me a hug.
- Lots of practice from the avatar of the week in human bodies and animal bodies.
- The light was on when I woke up. In the record, the avatar of the day thought they had turned off the light but another avatar used their finger to hold the white line from connecting.

17th - While playing the TM playoff games the avatars threw the game. It was quite obvious since the tanks were having many problems. In the record, the imp boys were finally thrown out of the house for being a bad influence and to save their hide. 
- In the record, I have yet to explain why playing TM, Tread Marks, is part of the practice of the avatar of the day. A post will be done, but in brief it is timeline practice. 
- Off in the distance I see that Box man is talking to the Imp boys. My only thought was, "What is he up to?"

Digital female Pikachu sent the avatar of the day home to bed.

17th to18th - Late night taking gyms, I come across a female Pikachu who promptly tells the avatar of the day to go home and sleep. Once at home, the avatar sat then laid down on the bed and immediately fell a sleep. I used my hand to get the attention of another avatar to finish the nightly shower and get my body in bed. It was one of those odd experience of my body being asleep and yet I can raise my hand to get help. In the record, last week avatars wanted to make up the thrown games by getting lots of gyms for me. They sort over stretched themselves and thanks for the gyms.

18th to  24th - The Moms and Aunts want another turn.
Pokemon Go Hunting in Downtown Santa Cruz, CA

22rd - It was Ubol's turn to achieve level 30 before the double exp week is up and downtown Santa Cruz will do fine. In the record, two week later I looked at the photo thinking I need go back here to hunt but for the life of me I can not figure out where this is, yet my body was there. I had to look at the picture date to determine where my body was. 

23rd - Thanksgiving at Sacto was calm and enlightening. I avoid mention of family and friends for privacy. In the record, an event at Easter was assigned to me. I know the location of my Mums House which need fixing.

Note: The last several months, I have spent too much time trying to figure out is going on. It is very confusing not know what I do, yet I know to do it. In the end I need to spend more time in my body. Too many things happen to be in the sidelines 24/7. I now attend Tuesday game night at my flat and the BAHVN meetings on Monday. I am partial present for Sacto visits. The avatar of the day and I work on the blog together.
I never explained why I started avatar of the day, which turned out to be good choice to ensure my safety. A post will come on this soon, but in brief it revolves around a lucky penny.

2017 December 16 - added TM=Tread Marks and two links
2018 January 14 - added 17 on Imp and Box man
2018 May 12 - Changed golem air to golem express 
2018 September 21 - added lucky penny link 
2023 November 26 - changed font and intro

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