Friday, December 29, 2017

Ubol's World - A Meeting with Smiley

Quote: "A big thanks goes out to Ubol for sparing his life, which allowed access to the chess board." Marty, a Gray Folk

Ubol called a meeting of the governors of her home planet.
Her Guard,a GBS, Gorgeous Black Sisterhood, whispered in her ear.
"My Lady, we need to go and prepare."
Ubol raised her hand to silence her,"We are not done."
"Arton, how is the Earth tree growth in your providence?"
"Slow, my Demon, we have not the soil you have in your land."
"Have you not tilled the animal dung into the soil to break it down?"
"Yes, but we need more rain."
"It will be done."
"And you Tygao, have..."
A loud cough from Ubol splatter purple internal organ on the rock table.
In slow motion, her head descended to the table as Ubol glimpsed of a smile she does not recognize.
"Pop." the guard and her disappeared.

The next day, at the reconvened governors meeting, all praised her recovery.
"Praise the almighty Succubus who survived the giants."
As she sat, Ubol place an empty corked flask on the table in front of her.
"Yes, my people, I survived the attack of the dark giants and found our traitor."
All were hushed with shocked as three different people spoke.
"Surely, my Succubus, no one would dare betray you.
"It would be the death of them.
"Who would be that stupid...hahaha."
"You would."
Instantly, many hands flew out of Ubol chest to pin the traitor to the wall behind him.
Ubol grabbed the flask as she stepped on the rock table and walked to the fallen chair.
"Spare me, I did not do this. It was him. He..."
Ubol place her left finger on his lips, "I just want to talk to him."
She placed her right hand over his face and reached with her thoughts to extract the smiley one. Upon the coward, a face of the smiley appeared.
"How may I serve you?"
"Release him."
"You think you own him. He is mine."
"Then I will find you."
" simple fool. You cannot defeat me."
"I don't intend to."
While they talked, a many hands placed the flask in her right palm. Ubol quickly, uncorked the flask and sucked the smiley one into the flask and corked it. The coward slumped to the ground as she signaled aid for the unconscious.
Ubol handed the corked flask to the GBS guard to take to her potions room for analysis.
"Do not break the flask or I will have to extract him out of you"
"Yes my lady."

In the record, when the Blue Dragon was rescued from the Blob, Ubol found one of her people on the main altar of energy extractions. Since then she searched for the person who had abducted her people. Her plan was to make him show himself by almost dying. Since Ubol was a part of me when I did the many hands, she now has that ability.

In the record while looking at the record, I was able to trace the Ubol line with Smiley back to his location. In the vision, I see a circular table with many worlds drawn on it. In each world, there are one or more clay figurines. He used the figurine as voodoo dolls to control the folks he possessed. I see the blob world with a burnt "X" on it with a broken figurine on its circle.

At first I only see, a half of the table. I expand my sight and see a circular table. I expand my sight again and see an finite table of worlds in front and back. Then I see the Dark One off in the distance. A wave appeared as the timeline was pulled to block my vision. Another wave appeared, but I reply back.
"Sorry, it's my line now."
A tear of the line occurred to allow his escape back to his black hole.

In the record, I got a glimpse of the chess table of worlds he controlled. I examine it again, and the Gray folk, Bartholomew, takes over my body. His eyes, my eyes, see the multitude of lines connect to each world chess piece.

In the record, the hand claps were extremely loud, like real loud. The claps sent an energy wave across the green ocean we all live in. The record is now gone and with him. I asked him a few questions.
"Does the chess board relate to Pandora's box."
"Yes it does."
"Do I get to see it."
"It's in the box."

2017 December 29 - grammar
2017 December 31 - added Blob world Also note that I did the tense in 1st person because I was doing it as I typed. Changed timeline to line in dialogue. Grammar and paragraph structure.
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