Friday, September 21, 2018

Origins of the Avatar of the Day: A Lucky Penny

Finding a lucky penny.

Quote:"I was so scared. I had to save him." Ibol

In a dream world, Ibol stood in the middle of a field of tall grass waving in the wind. I sensed someone approach from behind. I quickly turned, crossed my arms at the wrist showing the "I love you" hand sign on both hands. The invisible being that had stalked me was lifted up in the air and kept motionless.

In my bed, I sat straight up. Crossed my arms. Flashed the "I love you" signs. Clueless of why I sudden sat up.

In the record, three days ago, I was placed on an alternative timeline that allowed me to walk through the car in the garage. My avatar, Ibol, knew I was in trouble. At any moment, I could be put in alternative timeline that could harm me. For instance, if I crossed the street, I could be placed in a duplicate timeline of the same street, but now stepping in front of a bus. The cross-arm hand sign was the last resort to stop whatever was coming towards me.

Another alternative was to find something unique to that timeline, a lucky penny. Think about it. An everyday event of crossing the street was now a life or death situation. But if I had a lucky penny in my pocket, my current timeline was unique.

I remembered one time I was on a hike with the boys in Tilden Park. We had to cross the road and I found no unique markers for the crossing, which had previous timelines. I calmly asked the boys if it was okay to cross the road, hoping they were not on the same hijacked timeline.

Then an ideal came to Ibol. Put someone new in David's body everyday to avoid the corrupt timeline issue. At the time, I only knew a few avatars, which meant I had to go out and invite other avatars to become me and my body's shoulder avatar for the day. This started a world-solar system-galaxy-universe tour for new avatars, golems, and dragons to be me. Thus started the avatar of the day program.

In the record, I view the cross-arm Shaka sign event. I hear Bart say, "I've been waiting for you to view this." We saw lines drawn from one world to the next. Then Bart close the door on me for him to preview alone. He later come back and present the complex timeline to me. I viewed it and he preceded to give it to Ibol. 
"You know, she is very good with timeline."
"You stay away from her."
Ibol started to laugh. 
In the record, I trust Bart, but only so much.
(I actually trust him alot. He agreed to let me publish this for the humor. Thanks Bart.)

Seed pods and cones randomly roll around in the car shelf while I drive.

A different lucky penny would be a random dice roll of something. I have cones and pods in the shelf above the glove compartment that roll around randomly as I drive. In order to corrupt the timeline you need to now predict the roll of the seed pods. It's a passive system that takes no thought on my part.

2018 September 21 - spelling 
2018 September 23 - Changed the I to Ibol. I will add the day of the timeline. I need to research the date. I see it crystal clear, but an exact time is more work. 
2018 September 30 - added seed random device
2021 January 1 - changed Shaka to "I love you" hand sign. For some unknown reason, I was to get the hand sign incorrect until now.
2023 November 26 - changed font

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