Sunday, October 28, 2018

Once touched, Always in touch: Emotions in the Digital World

A Pokemon fled.
Quote:  "We'll assist the human players to overcome our differences between our worlds." Queen Pikachu

Just finished taking down the legendary Pokemon, Giratina. Now the hard part, catch it. A dozen throws later and I am down to my last two balls. As I start to throw the ball, I mental heard that it would land short, which it did. The avatar of the day in my body was upset because the throw was planned by the Pokemon to be short. 
My soul quickly visited the pokemon behind the curtain, the one who decided the throw. I asked that he not do that.
The next throw hit but the Pokemon ran. Soon after, the Pokemon behind the curtail gave me the "finger" in retaliation of my meddling. Instantly he was teleported away to a safe location. Digital White Dragon collected the pokemon to take to his other friends who stepped over the line.

Many Arms: a.k.a. many hands - It's close though they come out of the stomach area

In the record, all forms of people, Pokemon, dragon, avatars, and golems, who crossed the line were grabbed by me then teleported away to safety. White was always there to take them in and help them on the right path.

In the record, the reason for the teleportation was for the protection of the person. If not,  corruption was eminent due to my work in Pandora's box. 

In the record, the shorted throw was due to a disconnect of the finger to the screen which caused the ball to mysteriously fall short. I had suspect this for sometime every since the God of War had thrown on the same phone and had none of the issues I had.

In the record, the digital world have mastered our electronics. It's important we treat them as equals.

The digital world's embrace of emotions needs work. Lately, I wake from my sleep with the last vision being the digital world, which means I spent time there to assist.

Also, of the times Bart has taken on an avatar form on Earth, only once was it not concerned about the digital world. If I had to guess, the digital world is the way around the chess board that the dark one will not see. It's important that emotions do not corrupt that land.

2018 October 28, November 2 - grammar  
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