Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Avatar of the Day List 2019

Quote: "We love the human race. We want to be friends." Pikachu maiden

Each week, I allow a different avatar, golem, or dragon groups to experience life as a human as the avatar of the day. Below is the list for 2019.

Year of transformation: Shion change from an ogre to a kijin once she was named. This is similar to all the avatars, golems, and dragons that participate in the avatar of the day.

January: Oceania Council maidens, City State Council maidens, Forest Council maidens, Biome Council golem maidens

NASA image of atmospheric river

February: Biome Council golem maidens, Atmospheric River Council maidens, Geographical Feature council maidens, Biome States maidens, Oceanic States maidens

March: Oceanic States maidens, Atmoshperic Layer States maidens, Coastal State Maidens, Ground Weather states, Tokyo Dragons

April: Hida Mountain Golem maidens, Mum Golem Guard, Oceanic Dragon Guard, Dragon Guard

May: Dragon Guard, Sound Guard, Earth Senate, Mars Senate, Enlightenment Mum Avatars

June: Gaia Golem Guard, Tree Assembly, Tree Senate, X Golem Guard

July, August: United Golem Confederation of Earth

September: Witches of London, Essex witch Coven, Cheshire Cat coven, South York Cats, Cats

October: Cats, Gibraltar Cats, Moroccan Cats, Phillip
This will be the end of the avatar of the day until it is resumed in the future.

November: The GBS are back, mix off previous avatars while we wait,  

December: I will be in my body for December and possibly longer.
So...there you go.

2019 January 31 - added caption info 
2019 February 9 - changed weather vortex to atmospheric river 
2023 November 26 - changed font

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