Friday, January 25, 2019

Bart: Just saying "Hi!"

Events that lead to Bart saying "Hi!" to me on the massage table.

Top left:
It my massage appointment. I lay on the table. Talk some, but always end up falling asleep.
As the massage continued I heated up. In the record, as I looked at the record there are flames around the room. Nothing seems harmed by my flame barrier, but still there's a lot of fire there.

Top right:
Bart readied to dive into our universe with his magnifier. In the record, our universe is a box.

Bottom left:
Bart traveled to our Earth. He set the magnifier on the yellow beam.

Bottom right:
Bart bent over the magnifier and waved hi with both hands. It lasted about a minute as the image came into focus, then out of focus.
In the record, I have seen many of Bart's flesh bodies on Earth, but it was the first time I saw him in the flesh.

Yeah, he just wanted to say hi.

Quote "David, he does like you. So behave." Ibol Startreedrink

LOL. Both Bart and his friend came and hung out at magnifier on the 31st.

Since my records are open to all, every avatar, golem, and dragon see what I see. In the record, they all saw that Bart, a creator of their creator of this universe was a human in real life. All the races know that human kind was made in the image and likeness of Bart.  And these same races had harmed the human race. Let's see what happens from here on out.

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