Saturday, February 2, 2019

2019 January - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"We desire to join the human race, to walk among those who are gods." Biome Golem Mum

1st - The Oceanic Council Maidens are here until the 4th.

Turtwig foam hat on my head.

3rd - I finished the Turtwig hat for the SacAnime. In the record, I am the official representative for the Pokemon Kingdom at the event.

4th - At the AMV contest, I had to restructure the energy field of the Sacramento Convention Center. In the record, the building continued to drain my energy until I made a compatible energy for me to exist in the concrete monolith. In the record, as I walked through the building I see me kicking up a layer of green and yellow energy.

5th - The City State Council Maidens are here for the week.

6th - At Sacamine, both Ben and I sit at the back so I don't have to take off the Turtwig hat. A young man decided to come and sit behind me and comments on my hat. Soon after, the Mom of the young man states that she finally found him. She decided to take a photo of her son and me together. In the record, the Mom and son were the Sacramento avatar and boy I meet in the summer of 2017. The son had grown taller, but needs to attain emotional maturity.
- If I had to guess, until I had added my energy to the convention center, it would be hard for energy beings to be inside a lifeless concrete structure.

8th - The cubicle light was on. In the record, the light is not needed for a barrier. I have learned to set up or check for energy fields for my protection.

9th - It's odd having eyeballs that feel as though they are on fire 24/7.
- It's odd having a throat that feels as though I am tasting smoke 24/7. In the record, I guess this is the new me from here on out. Water only temporary cools it. Dairy seems very soothing. Yeah for milkshakes!

16th - At the BAHVN meeting, I know the locations of the board member's avatar. In the record, because their avatars all avatar spoke at the last meeting, I got to hear where they were. Once touched, always in touch applies.
- At the meeting, I heard an older man talk but in a young man's voice. Later in the meeting, it reverted to the older voice. In the record, his avatar was doing avatar speak for the young voice. The older voice was only the human talking.

The 4 a.m. Piedmont Earthquake woke folks up and could not fall asleep. The next one was later in the morning.

 17th - The Piedmont Earthquakes were a fine example of the Piedmont Movers, Golem club name, ability to adjust the delivery of earthquakes to let folks rest.

26th - I was given the title of auditor general off Pokemon go gym raids. The goal is to access the customer satisfaction of the gym raids.
- At an Asian church Pokemon gym, the residing avatars immediately gave me a girl avatar to keep. I exclaimed, "What? Who does this anymore?"
At the end of my audits, I set her free at the house to figure out what she wants to do with her life.
- The audits were in the Albany and El Cerrito areas.
- Its the Biome golems turn as the avatar of the week. They are the caretakers of the various biomes on Earth. For example, the tree avatar tends to her forest and the water sylph tend the streams. The biome golems maintain the stuff between the two. They are the maids of the planet.

27th - Did Pokemon Go audit of gym raids for customer satisfaction in the Berkeley Hills. In the record, the residing avatars have control of the gyms. Some understand their customers, the Pokemon and raider. Others play it by the Niantic playbook. I have told them that once human folks find out who determines who gets a legendary Pokemon, the human raiders will not be happy.
- The avatar of the day did a throw at a raid that was a backwards curve ball which landed an excellent hit. The gym avatars did not reward her with the catch. I have complained to the Pikachu manager that not awarding folks for skilled throws will lesson folks desire to get better at throws.

28th - I finally said out loud at the BAHVN meeting the speech.
"Hi, my name is David Alan Bartholomew Hallsted. I am the life coach of the solar system. My job is to help the various races in the solar system and Earth improve their process to the benefit of their customer."
- Most of the day, at the meeting, and that night every part of my body was on fire. I decide to call in sick Tuesday to spend a day adjusting to my new body. In the record, I have no ideal what is happening. I just roll with it.

30th - In a record, to identify who is who I take a timeline thread and needle and poke each person. If the timeline thread is not broken, they are one in the same.

2019 February 2, grammar  
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