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2018 December - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 
Quote: "To give or not to give is a choice that love decides." Earth Gaia

1st - I am on the UCB campus for the Pokemon Go event. A man and his two sons take note of my 4 phone rig, though one of the sons ignores me. In the record, the long haired boy was Ibol, which was found out by a timeline needle and thread.

2nd - I am training another person to read records. Today we practice with symbols and letters on a playing card. One person makes it and the other one reads it. In the record, I do stuff I do not understand. If I can teach it, I can comprehend it.

3rd - Me, myself and I, was a play I wrote twenty some years ago, though I did not now who was who. In the record, me (my soul), myself (shoulder avatar) and I (Ibol) created (the third coming) the fiery me that does all the amazing stuff.

- I need to keep some space between me and males and some females. Pandora effect start to kick in, which is either they or I cough or I feel a discomfort in my throat chakra.

4th -  I had a fever though I did not know because my soul's aura burns so hot the fever did not matter. In the record, me and fiery me open the record.

6th - The level 5 raid is done, now to catch it. The Blue dragon appeared as a headless Ghastly to the Pokemon folks who decided which Pokemon are caught. It freaked them out and they left their post. The TTars were easy to catch because they wanted to be caught. In the record, I wondered if the Pokemon would readily be caught if allowed.

Earthweek from the SF Chronicle, 2018 December 9

7th - The Magma council is up to something. In the record, if new land was created, would it not go to the newest members to join the human race. In the record, the Arctic looks like a good location. In the record, I saw images of Pele leading the lava folks in the movement of magma deep in the Earth.

9th - Went out doing Pokemom Go hunting for stop that gave the task "Hatch an egg". Found several but only a few gave the egg of an exeggcute that I need to complete a task. When I was about to tap on a complete task I heard laughter from the Pokemon world. In the record, there is a Pokemon having a bit of a laugh. 
- The Pokemon raid worked well today. No aberration. In the record, I am not sure who decides if the Pokemon are caught. Perhaps, one day, the Pokemon to be caught will decide their own fate.

10th - I decided not to talk at the BAHVN meeting and got no protection either. In the record, I have to provide my own protection, which is a simple energy barrier. In the record, we had meeting with me about my progress of my soul in my human body. Tough love is about to happen.
- The wall gazer and his friend attend the BAHVN meeting. In the record, he only needed to hear me talk to tag me. In the record, he does not know that my next task was to make barriers.

12th - I created an energy barrier around me at the BAHVN board meeting, but the avatar of the Church decided to cut off my barrier after 2 hours of the meeting. This in turn fried all the other members. In the record, this will be it's own post. I need to learn how to set up energy barriers.

13th -  The cubicle light is back on.

14th - The cubicle light is back off. In the record, the light being off is not necessary for a protective barrier.

16th - The Pokemon world decided to take care of those who have emotional breakdowns.. In the record, Queen Pikachu wanted to help her people resolve the issues surrounding emotions.  

17th - All night long I was hot or cold. In the record, I need to announce myself. 
- At the BAHVN meeting, the Berkeley City Avatar had me try a different energy field with multi-stripe of various energy  to even out the energy field. In the record, it was successful, though the females complained of being hot.

22nd - The a Pokemon accused the Ligthning Maiden, the avatar of the day, of harming humans. In the record, the very energy that created the Pokemon, who desired to help the human race, was used to harm the human race.

23rd - I asked myself a question, "I don't leave my body?"  I hear, "Nope." with an accent on the "p". In the record, that was Bart talking about the fiery me that leaves my body.

CNN meteorologist explained the Anak Krakatau tsunami.

- The mysterious person convinced the down trodden magma golems to trust him and give it another go. In the record, the 1883 explosion was meant to harm the human race. The one in 2018 was meant to help but they were deceived.

26th - It was decided that I must try and catch all Pokemon in raid battle. I don't need to use a berry which I was running low on. In the record, the Pokemon were offended that I left a Pokemon uncaught.

28th - Other avatars took charge of caring for their emotionally infected folks instead of sending them away. The Pokemon started it and it carried over to the other races.

29th - Once again, Box man decided that I do not get any leftovers of my Xmas shopping. In the record, I was meant to give.

2018 March 2 - added the Russian 
2023 November 26 - redid intro for Iphones, changed font

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