Sunday, August 4, 2019

2019 July - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"Hi everyone. We know the Earth needs to move but it can be smaller and tamer." UGC  Secretary.

1st - The Golem Confederation will be here for sometime.

3rd - I walk into the bathroom and I am told that SoCal will have an earthquake. I proceed to review the deaths in earthquakes for the last 4 years. In the record, the United Golem Confederation, UGC, was concerned about not having enough people to police the Earth for Earthquake to guarantee the safety of the human race.

Lightning Fatalities 2019 by State

5th - In Sacramento, while visiting my Mom and Brothers, I happened to see a chart on the Weather Channel about lightning deaths. I thought to myself, "The Pokemon aren't going to like this." 
In the record, the Pokemon world had already accused their creator of life, Lightning, of indiscriminately killing humans. It looked like Lightning needs to come to terms with its random strikes.

12th - I made a velvet hand from a tennis racket.

13th - I need to understand how people can ride a bicycle. In the record, I need to understand how we make brown Earth matter slits to ride a bike.
In the record, I need to find a different means of transportation then with the rest of the human. Every time I travel with the general population, I endanger their lives.

15th - Started down the path of cold shower. There is a suppose health benefit. In the record, intuitively I know when water is heated it breaks wiggle energy.

16th - All I think about night and day is about DEM.

19th - Earthquake in Athens, Greece resulted in no causalities. Well done to the Runner clan.

20th - A massive heat wave hits the Eastern US. In the record, high heat causes a surge of green Earth energy to go stream upward through the crust. It's an excellent way to flush out the dark souls and spirits (a.k.a. shoulder avatars), out in to the open for collection. Follow that up with a flood, which gathered up the remaining souls and spirits. Next, start the process of cleansing and unification of the souls with their spirits.
In the record, tornado could be used for collection but the destruction of the physical world does not permit this to be used in large populations.
- I do the Google slide on DEM, Dark Energy and Matter. All my attention has go to how to make stilts. Sorry about the reduced post. In the record, if I can show humanity a use of DEM, that should change everything on this planet and hopefully send us down the path of peace between all races. In the record, all humans have equal access to DEM and it is an infinite resource.

21st - I switched from warm to cold showers. I was originally doing it gradually, but decided to make the jump. In the record, warm water tears down your green Earth energy barrier. The energy barrier protects the human body for exterior illnesses.

The frame around the mandalas were sort of like this, with a picture of the portal inside.

25th - At massage, for a period of time I saw an array of mandalas when I was asleep, though I was not asleep. In the record, the mandalas were time portals that one can enter.
In the record, paisley border mandalas, very odd. It was as though each paisley was its own portal.
In the record, I started to enter the portal but realized I had to stay behind on the massage table.

28th - All four of my Pokemon Go accounts were kicked out after the raid was completed. In the record, I have yet to figure out why they do that. "Once touched, always in touch" applies which makes it easy for me to see who it was. Perhaps they want my attention.

31st - Trying to figure out how to manipulate DEM. In the end, it looks like I can just will it to help me. Not sure.

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