Monday, January 20, 2020

Golem city - Cliff Face

"We want to help the human race and join them on the surface." Golem King

I have this background on my work desk top computer. A city of golems live in the rock structure. The mustard circles are golems poking their heads out of the rock to get a better view of the humans climbing the rock face.  It is not often they have visitor this high and this close.

In the record, the golems stay far away for fear of catching the human illness of emotions.

In the record, there are thousands of golems poking their heads out to see. I only drew a few dozen.

In the record, they wave at me and I wave back.
In their record, the golems see me framed by the screen waving to them.

2023 July 25 - changed font, reposted pic

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