Sunday, January 12, 2020

DEM: Wiggle Energy Effects on Human Earth Energy - Cold v. Hot

"It is a start, but can he go colder?" Wiggle Energy Maiden

The temperature is in the low 50's, as I walk down Solano Avenue. Everyone around me is bundled in warm clothes. I am wearing running shoes, no sock, shorts and a scrub top. I feel completely comfortable, wondering what it would take to have folks take cold showers.

In the record, I look at a previous memory of a cold water tank and the wiggle energy was coiled around the outer edges of the tank.

Some of you folk may say that humans provided the fire therefore we built a device that effects DEM. When you strike a match, where does the fire come from? This world or from a previous Earth time when all was fire and the Fire folks were managing the planet. In the record, the fire folk exist in a dimension outside of this physical Earth. When you strike a match you invoke fire into the present physical world. Yes, we are magic users.

I wonder how cold I can go. I say yes to an Ice Energy Maiden challenge. In the record, I wish Phillip would be quiet.

Update: - 2020 January 12 - added link, grammar


  1. I will take your advice and give this a try...

  2. It's a gradual process. It will take a month of gradually turning down the temperature until you are comfortable.