Sunday, April 19, 2020

DEM Lung Anatomy: Red Wiggle Shard Damage to Alveoli DE Layer

"The end of hot showers begins." Phillip

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While taking my cold shower, I constantly spit in the tub. I finally looked to see what is in the spit pool and saw a limp white strand of Wiggle energy. In the record, I look at a past exercise run where I spat and saw a similar white lump of Wiggle energy.

There is a lot to unpack.
First off, this took awhile to solve because I can not know something that I have not experience. There is no information in the physical world to explain how DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, works. So guess what, I had to get sick from the flu and Covid-19 to figure this out.

A new DEM proof, "No two DE can exist in the same space." This is true for avatar substitutions and the velvet hand experiment. I looked at my current energy layers and it seems to hold. I should have come up with this proof a while ago. Oh well.

I used clairvoyance to examine my lungs and stuff the virus is on because the virus leaves a DE marks. For example, I came home from buying food and remembered to wash my hands. I examined my hands and saw no red DE, but as I went to dry my hands I saw streak of red DE on the hand towel. Oh well.

I used clairvoyance to see individual red Wiggle shards in my lungs. Yes, they are small but easily distinguished. Yeah, I could be used as a human x-ray DEM machine for spotting the red shards or the virus in others. Healthy alveoli DE layers in the lungs have a white line in and around the curve of the alveolus water layer.

Back in February, I did a process of clearing my lungs of red shards. The gravity cleaning is permanent if you abstain from all forms of hot water and vapor. This includes hot showers, hot coffee, hot soup, and other form of hot water vapors. The red shards attach to the water vapor. In the record, I pulled up a previous record of me showing in hot water and saw red sparkles in the steam. Cooking of water needs to be done under a vent to direct the harmful shard vapor to the outside. Also, when showering, have the water on tepid temperature because the wiggle strand will break into small strands but not the red shards. Just avoid the steam, which carries the red shards.

The wear and tear of the alveoli DE layer by red shards is a chronic DEM disease. In the close up picture above, I pulled out records in my life to examine the DE layers. The elderly person record was from someone I know. The DE layer can be repaired even if the red shards are present, though it is counterproductive until all the shards are gone.

The Red Wiggle shards are created when you invoke fire to heat water. The fire transforms the long white strands of wiggle energy into tiny red shards. The red shards can be regrouped into a white strand but at temperatures in the 60F range. In the record, I looked at a record of a previous hot shower and saw the shards rejoin in the wasteline pipe under the shower. The shards inside the lung can not regroup into a strand due to the internal body temperature in the 90F range.

The red shards make the sound of a crystal wind chime.

In another post, I will explain why the Pale Dragons are trying to help the human race.

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