Sunday, March 15, 2020

Starting a Web site for DEM, Dark Energy & Matter & Lecture

This is a FYI.
I will be starting a web site as the index to the blog material and Google docs.
I can post as much as I want on the blog free of charge.
Both Google drive and the web will cost money.
So that is the plan.
Post content in the blog.
Presentations on Google Drive.
Index on web server.

The Web site is called "A user's guide to DEM, Dark Energy & Matter."
When the Web site is up I will post the link in the blog. 
Thanks for you patience.
David year later...

Thank goodness Trump is out. 
I thought I was was going to have to do something about him.
With that said, I will be working on the Web site soon.
I will also start a lecture series on DEM.
2021 May 14 - Yes, I have yet to release it. Dang, the Republican Party went Q-anon on the Democrats.  I am still watching too much news. I feel stupid for paying for something that I am not using. Argh!
2023 July 25 - I cancelled the web site. I am too lazy to do it.

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