Saturday, April 4, 2020

2020 March - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  

"Have faith that it will work out." Bart

Overall: I started to shelter in place on March 23, because I believe I have the virus.

Doppler radar resolves a “debris ball” at 12:36 a.m. on Tuesday as the tornado moved into Nashville, barely a minute after the warning was issued and several minutes or more after the tornado touched down.

3rd - A tornado hit Nashville and there were human causalities. The unplanned tornado took a path from a tornado. In the record, The weather avatars were busy and missed a rogue tornado that followed a previous timeline. In the record, while on the toilet, the weather avatars were reminded that you can not go alone. It takes a team of folks to make the event a success. In the future, golems will be placed in nearby towns to watch for rogue events.

5th - Bart buys a car. Really! In the record, I guess road trips are in my future.

6th - I decide to start a web site for DEM user. In the record, I tried to use the blog site as an index but its a blog of my thoughts. It not the right medium.

7th - Bart Played with Uncle Tim and Older Bro again.

8th - Below is the stuff I wrote in the family newsletter. I decide to post it because certain folks are reading it from the emailed  newsletter without permission. So here you go. I will just post it for you. In the record, after sending the email, I see the email along the white life line. In its path, I saw the contents of the email being extracted as the email continues on.

David--Alright, let's start off with the news about my retirement.
Yes, I plan to retire on August 3rd off this year. I will get full medical benefits once I hit 60yrs old.
On top of that, Our company stock went up. So, if you are going to throw money at me I will retired.
But here is the real reason why I am retiring.
I belong to a society,,  which does event on process improvements. At these events I hear speeches of how one must follow your dreams.
I, of course, think how in the world can I do that. I have a wife, kids, a mortgage, etc.
Now providence has presented me with a reason to leave the work world and pursue my dream of full time research of Dark Energy and Matter, DEM.
Remember, 95% of this universe, the DEM, has yet to be discovered.
I am clairvoyant and see DEM and I can bring up records to catalogue what I see. And here is the kicker, all of DEM has its owe voice. Yeah, you need to be a voice hearer to be an expert DEM user. Just like your soul, DEM stuff, has its own voice, which is the one you current have. So after you die, I can talk with you as a voice hearer because you retain your current voice with your soul.
So there you go, come August 3rd, I get to sleep in and not wake up at 5:23AM. Yeah!

What is the craziest thing I have tasted? ...bread slices of a baguette. So, what is odd about eating bread you ask?
Did I happen to mention that I started to take cold shower to increase and polish the DEM on me.
Well a result of it is you become sensitive to all sort of things, like the knife cuts in bread.
Yep. I can taste the knife cuts of the bread on my tongue. Yep, on my tongue. It now show up with chicken chunks.
Soon I will be am going to be a fruit and vegetable picking vegan, not because I want to be but the taste of knife cuts on my tongue take away from the food flavor.
The good thing is that chocolate and ice cream are still on the menu.

"Has anything happened to make you feel old."  Yeah, the previous 50 years of my life, but I am changing that.
My previous 50 years of my life was the me taking hot showers which accidentally destroy my DEM which made me lose contact with 95% of the universe.
Just today, I am outside in a scrub top and shorts around other people who are all wearing jacket and long pants.
Why am I not cold, because I have a inch thick layer of DEM on me keeping me insulated from hot or cold.
Soon, Ben and I will be starting a web site on, "A User Guide on DEM, Dark Energy & Matter."
When it is up, I will let you know.
Until then, start taking colder showers. It's about a three week transition from hot to freezing water. 
- In the record, since the bread lacks DEM, it latched onto the bright yellow knife cut energy. 
- When I touch the baguette cut surface, the knife cut energy dissipated to the bread edges.

12th - Instead of Ubol, I, David, played DnD. When I rolled the die, I looked at the DM and not the tombstone that Lady Luck rolled for me. In the record, Lady Luck can see all the timelines of the players and DM. I leave it up to her to get the party through the adventure.

- I spilled my milk again. I know it not me because I cannot remember the exact moment I spill it. In the record, I can see an additional hand hitting my hand.

13th - The male golem which caused the milk spills was shown the door until he understand the repercussion if his actions. In the record, a group of females were outside to console and talk to the male golem.
- Ubol goes to work. Because of social distancing, she will be fine.

14th - The Pale Dragon Queen and her Maidens are here for a visit. In the record, the babies will be protected because they are interested in raising dragon babies. 
- Bart had the last Game night for awhile. 

23rd - I wake up having sore muscles. Yeah I got the virus. 

24th - In a bathtub of water, I practice channeling wiggle energy. 

25th - While on the toilet, I see Climb practice fast ascents by practicing near fast ascending elevators. I also saw ice crust on my outer shell while traveling a long distance.

30th - I am very reluctant to publish what the Pale dragons are doing. In the record, I am not sure if humanity, including me, will be forgiving of their events. I understand it, but wished it did not have to happen. It will be its own post
- In the record, the manifestation of a dragon on Earth can be a horse and other hoofed animals. They can also take on human form.

31st - While I sat and watched TV on the floor futon, all of us sealed up the wound Ubol had by slowly moving our index fingers up and down the wound. In the record, the wound was right where my hernia was. In the record, Ubol wanted to get back at Ibol by mortal wounding herself. Ubol has amazing regenerative powers and could sustain the damage in normal life. It is all better now.

2020 April 5 - added date for tornado
2020 April 12 - added 31st 
2021 March 21 - changed font
2023 February 19 - redid the intro for iPhones  
2023 August 9 - reposted pics

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