Sunday, August 2, 2020

2020 June - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...  
"I know we left when the fifth planet was destroyed, but we are back to help." YahYel

1st - I am introduced to the YahYel via a video sent by a support group person. In the record, the YahYel are just another group of folks with issues.

3rd - I back up the car into the car, as I lock the car, Mr. Floyd apologies for stealing. In the record, he wanted to enter the house but had to atone for misdeed.

4th - Taking a bite or two of an apple fills me up. I am not sure what is going on.

5th - Possible proof, "Any physical thing that speaks has some aspect of DEM."

6th -  Eating an apple is just weird now. I stop eating apples.

11th - I was watching a National Geographic show on Egyptian burial treasure. They x-ray the burial knife to date the metal when I saw this huge explosion inside the room originating at the x-ray site. In the record, it is the x-ray light shooting off in all directions. I am not sure how x-rays fits into the DEM world. The explosion was more particle in nature, though the Power Point star will do.

11th - I walk down to the Marin Circle for a Pokemon Go raid. As I round the circle I see a female and a dog lead by her friend. The tall female looks back at me and take her sunglasses off so we see each other's eye. They walk on and I go to my usual spot to set up my rig. In the record, golem Climb, GAIA Terra, and avatar Donna were out on a walk.
- At work, I showed a fellow worker the velvet hand racket I made. I show them how to use it work, then hand it to them. They follow the example but said something that I had only heard once before. They said that it felt like glass. I pretend that their response was incorrect and explain that they are touching their hand, their real hand which is soft like velvet.
In the record, I did something I am not sure of. When I use the velvet hand racket, VH, I feel my skin, soft and velvet. But when I hand the same racket to someone else, they feel glass.
In the record, as I hand the person the VH racket, I saw a yellow sheen of energy on the racket string left by me. In the record, the yellow energy seems to be GAIA energy.

13th - I get a subscription from ScineceNews as a birthday gift. There is an insert in the latest magazine on the history of the Periodic table. In the record, is it possible the early Greeks were users of Dark Energy & Matter. If so, how did we lose sight of the DEM path.

14th - The Gray folk female and son were walking around the circle.

18th - My Uncle came over for card play. He gave me the DE cover COVID virus. The next day I produced phlegm, to get rid of the virus but nothing else happened. In the record, I think I understand what the directions the human race must take. The Pale dragon are helping us in that direction.

20th - Shopping at Costco, more COVID pink covers boxes towards the front of the store by the medicine area. Otherwise, Costco did a good job spacing out the registers. I washed my hand after the Costco visit. In the record, folks working on the night shift need to wear masks even if no one else is around.

23rd - An Earthquake hits Oaxaca, Mexico. In the record, day time earthquakes are harder to pull off without death and injuries. I repeat to the golems, the human race will be asking about each and every death that happens in your earthquakes. I ask them to get assistance before they attempt another one.
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