Sunday, May 3, 2020

DEM view: Know thy Enemy, COVID-19

"Half the battle is knowing what it is." Pale Dragon King

I watch too much of the virus news coverage. In one news back ground I see a real picture of the virus. I saw the round glob of dark energy surrounding the virus move around like a soap bubble. The energy bubble was elongated, then round, then back to an elongated shape on the other side. In the record, I now see the COVID-19 virus in real time.

In the above picture, the COVID-19 dark matter has a distinctive red-pink color from other viruses. The close up of the dark matter around virus should be round in shape, though the Power Point program created the matter with sharp angles. The dark energy shell covering the virus and dark matter is a red-brown color. As mention above, the energy shell moved like a newly blown soap bubble, where the shape changes are quick.

I carve to drink milk, as though I am pregnant. In the record, milk will grab any of the virus in our mouth and throat and take it down to the stomach for digestion.

For some reason, I now cough twice and then sneeze. I do it without thought. In the record, the cough gets the stuff out of the lungs. The sneeze expelled it out of you. 
2023 August 9 - changed font, reposted pic

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