Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Physicists And Voice Hearers Meet To Explore Dark Energy & Matter - 12th Intervoice Congress 2021 talk

 "In the record, all we know about DEM is not books. You just have to figure out." Coach Dave

The talk link is here. My talk is 2nd from the bottom. 

I gave an online presentation at the 12th Intervoice Congress of 2021 back in September. 
The slides for the talk are here
All the other talks are about folks dealing with their voices. 
My talk is about physicists working the voice hearers, a.k.a. DEM hearers, to explore Dark Energy & Matter, DEM. 
At least they did not throw me out. 
In the talk, I had an issue trying to say clairvoyance. Four times I tried to say clairvoyance and was stopped from saying it.  I never looked at the reason why until now.
In the record, I hear an angry male voice trying to stop the talk. I also see one of my many hands cover his mouth to allow the talk to go forward. The orange man was at it again. 

2023 July 15 - reposted pic


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