Monday, October 18, 2021

The Website is not up...I gave up on it

Yes, I do have a website, but it is rubbish now. 
It is here
I am working on it. 
The goal of the website was to index my blog. 
Let's face, the blog is me writing what I experience, though the listing is random.
The website would fix this. 
I would be able to have arcs of the various DEM folks I know. 
For instance, I did an arc on Ibol in the blog, but there are more that could be added that exist in the blog now.
Another goal is to have listings of meetings and DEM classes that folks can attend.
There are other things the Web site will provide, I just need to get it out there.
The loony part is that I had the web site since 2019.
I kept delaying until it is done. 
It is not done, but it is now out there.
So there you go. It is out there, but it is a work in progress. 

Thanks for your patience. 

2022 July 25 - I closed my web site. Just not finding the time to do it. Tired of spending the money thinking that I am going to do it. 
2023 May 1 - redid the title

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