Monday, May 16, 2022

2021 December - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"I had to let David know he can fix the DEM injury. Perhaps he can teach me how to do it later." Sport Doctor Avatar
Overall: I am still trying to work on the patio with arthritic hip and knees. This should be interesting. Also, the patio work and my inability to walk was consumed all my time and energy. Since I am now walking somewhat normal again I am less stress about the situation and able to write.
3rd - I have returned to the doctor to find out that I have THA, Total hip arthroplasty. Above is from the medical records at the Sutter Health site.
- The doctor is different this time. Last visit he was impatient with me thinking that the baker's cyst was my problem. This visit, the doctor knows me as one of the persons who sits on the Venusian throne. I mention that the the baker's cyst had returned.  He says that the cyst can go away on its own. I asked, "Where does it go?" He said, "It just disappears." 
- He allowed me to take pics of the x-rays that he had up on the monitor. In the record, whomever is in the doctor now, they think that I can fix this. 

5th - It's my day off the patio work. I took time for a clairvoyant look at my hip x-ray.  I saw white DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, straight lines connecting my hips and pelvis, lots of straight lines. I have watched enough Nat Geo to understand that when you see straight lines it means people have been there. In the record, there are DEM beings who are trying to cripple me. This may be a long slog to undo the DEM, lay out new DEM to fix my joints, then I will have to learn to walk again. 
- While laying down to fall sleep, I am reminded that I own a black Golem shaft. In my right hand, I summon it from my chest and in my left hand, I bring up the my DEM left hip joint. I run the tip of the staff over the white DEM line and it disappears. In the record, the scratched line makes a DEM fire  rock cracking sound. In the record, I think I know who is doing the DEM lines.
- I continue to do this for several more day increasing the number of white DEM lines I sizzle out. 

10th - While holding the golem staff, I traced the DEM line that caused my hip to turn my left foot inward when I walk. I heard an upset DEM being while I killed his DEM worm. The worms sort of look like a night terrors. In the record, I always thought it was odd that I all of a sudden I was walking with a severe limp. Several days later I am able to walk with my left foot straight.
 17th - Using the black Golem shaft to trace the last of the DEM worm to its owner and end the worm. Now my rehab can begin.  In the record, little did I know that this was the easy part. 

21st - In my left hip is a rolled up scroll of many different DEM sheets. I remember when I first saw it, I stared and looked at it in disbelieve that there is something else in me that I do not understand. Today, I took out a milky white DEM sheet, which instantly "Moos" like a cow. I take the sheet and cover all the damaged physical bones of my hip and knees. In the record, all physical matter has a DEM base that it builds on.
25th - While in Sacramento visiting Mom, Stella was on a roll in 3-handed pitch. In the record, Lady Luck was on her side.
2022 November 3 - redid the intro for Iphones
2023 July 15 - reposted pic

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