Sunday, March 13, 2016

Avatar Collector: Night Terror Up Close

       Cut view: Night terror collector ready to ship. Collecting yellow/green clumps of fear.    

Quote: "We shall defend our owner and destroy the collectors before they attach." Hamster Mum

I was lucky to handle a collector which allows me to dissect the handy work of the assembler.

Ready to Ship - Left Side, Cut View
A foot-long hand-size fear collector is packaged ready for launch. Inside are red and blue strings to amplify and personify the person's fear, while the yellow strings are used to bundle loose fear balls. Also, inside the black spiny shell is a red bladder with a nozzle to house the collected fear.

Ejecting Fear Images & Collecting Fear - Right Side, Cut View
Spikes leak out red and blue energies to create the fear images. Around the person, snakes come alive that grow in number and size to create a bounty of fear. A rush of red energy shots up through the body, causing a fight or flight response. Through the goosebumps, red droplets shots out and become enveloped in the green Earth energy of the body. Yellow strings attract and latch on the floating green balls. Clumps of yellow and green are sucked up the red nozzle into the blander. The incoming fear expands the bladder which pushes out more strings that creates more fear. Once the bladder matches the inside volume, the fear drops off and the collector is ready for the fisherman to reel in. 

2016 March 13 - The Hamster avatar allowed me do view her records to study fear collection. I now have a first hand view of the details I missed before. 
2023 May 14 - A night terror is similar to a DEM worm.  Changed font. Grammar.

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