Sunday, November 13, 2022

How we got here? Index

"You really want me to say something here.  Maybe? We will see who lives the longest." Me trying to get the Dark One to do the intro quote. In the record, I could talk to him because I am in my Energy bank fortress.
 Intro: I am willing to let folks see me gradually piece together "How we got here?" and all the post that follow the index. Cue the Talking Heads. It will be done when the location is published.

I am watching the "The End is Nye" series. Then I hear Bill say, "We will also answer the question, Why is Earth so dam dangerous? Sometimes does it not seem like our planet is out to get us."

The link to the video is below in case it does not play. Remember to turn up the volume to listen because I taped it off the TV. Bill Nye video link

Now to unpack what I said in the video descriptions which was: "In the record, it is no coincidence that our planet is out to get us. I do not talk about it, though it is changing. The important thing to remember is that we attacked the Dark Energy & Matter, DEM, folks first. They are answering our attacks."
As mentioned above, the short answer is we attacked first, while the longer answer is complicated. 
Below is a list of events to unpack: 
- Why did a boxman go dark? a.k.a. dark one. In the record, a Gray folk goes corrupt from not tending the garden.
- Why did the dark one mislead the past Solar System King, a.k.a. Orange woman, to blow up her planet?
- No one dies, but schisms occur. Orange planet schism onto Mars.
- The Mars wars begin and the Great flood on Earth.
- Why our soul parents have emotion fallout shelters and human have shoulder avatars.
- Why did the dark one lie to the golem race to have them destroy the human race, a.k.a. DEM wars?
- If all of nature can see Dark Energy & Matter, DEM, how come the human race can not?
- Is the DEM ocean, a.k.a. the great flood, destroying the human race?
- Eden was lost to the human race, though we live in Eden
- Why we take hot showers?
- We lost DEM powers and rely on the 5%, mining and drilling.
- Why does all of Earth's DEM races view the human race as a death cult? a.k.a. the 5% undead.
- Is there a new solar system king? Why a flat structure of continuous improvement is best.
- How does the DEM war stop against the human race, a.k.a. ending the big lie?
- What are the human race reparations to the DEM races to stop the DEM war?
- All Dem races are thrown under the bus by the Dark One.

2022 December 19 - orange man change to orange female
2023 January 22 - I look at the list and start to cry. The Orange female is with me. In the record, the list makes sense but is missing details. 
2023 March 23 - added in the record about gardening
2023 September 24 - added bus

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