Sunday, November 6, 2022

2022 August - Dragon Diary

 It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post...

"It was hard to see David with another woman who was not me." Ibol

Overall:  Just working on the patio and learning to walk again. 

2nd - I look at a  pictures of younger adult me in the Hallsted calendar.  I whisper, "Who is that person?" The left picture has a sad smile compared to the happy smile on the right. 
I would come back to this unfinished post to just look at the sad picture wondering why Ibol was sad. A few days ago, I looked and saw a flat picture. I quickly surmise that she is blocking that timeline from me which she can do because she is me.
I placed my hand in front of me to open the locked timeline records. 
Ibol joined my hand knowing crying will come from reading the record.
On Earth, Susan is about to take a picture of me on the hike as I get ready to smile.
Back on Venus, in Ibol's emotional fallout cave, she does not want to do the smile.
"Why, why, why? I want to be there not here." Ibol quickly pushed through the shoulder avatar face and placed her smile over my smile.  In the record, Venusian were taught to join their human for the smile to make it extra special. I am glad she did the smile. It is good to know all aspect of the one you love. 
- In the record, sometimes you can see the avatar smile for a picture, like in the avatar smile blog post.
3rd - Walking back to the car from Home Depot, I noticed two females talking while their gray Great Dane dog pooped. It was etched in my mind the form the dog had to poop. In the record, Climb, Donna, and Terra, my support personnel, showed me a better way to get the poop out. 
24th - I stand in front of the step after just laying down.  I concentrate on my legs and see and feel the tug holding it to the Earth. I calmly raise my right hand and and do a flick motion with my thumb and forefinger. I hear a DEM pop. I lift my right leg up as though the drop foot never existed. In the record, I think I finally understand what the sports doctor said, "It just disappears."  The doctor was not talking about the physical baker's cyst, but the energy that holds down my right leg, the new right leg that created the baker's cyst.

31st - I am watching the "The End is Nye" series. Then I hear Bill say,
"We will also answer the question, Why is Earth so dam dangerous? Sometimes does it not seem like our planet is out to get us."
The link to the video is below in case it does not play. Remember to turn up the volume to listen because I taped it off the TV. Bill Nye video link
The short answer above is we attacked first, the longer answer is complicated. This will be its own post here. The link is the index of a multi-post explanation.
In the record, I know the major details and I have hinted throughout my blog what is happening. It's time to tell and wake up sleeping dogs.

2022 November 7 - added link to emotional fallout cave & grammar
2022 November 10 - add dog event
2022 November 13 - added DEM wars label
2023 July 15 - reposted pic

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