Monday, June 26, 2023

Shiver Me Timbers! Me pics are gone!

Well, I got this email from Google archives that they were going to delete blog archives. 

So I could either download all 800 or delete them by July 2023.

So I deleted them, which is why my blog has no pics now.

My guess is that Google wanted to get money off the storage of the pics and the blog archives was not making them any money. 

I will replace all the pics via a URL at my avataroftheday account or I thought.

Well that did not work. 

Still working on it. 

When I find a home for my pics I will let you know.

Yeah...the pirate talk. I have to find the humor in it all. Argh!

 FYI. When all the pics are back this post will be deleted. 

2023 June 26 - It looks like I can not link my other accounts ... I think. 
2023 June 29 - just going to put them in my photos and post deletion date.

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