Friday, July 28, 2023

A letter about Dark Energy & Matter, DEM

"Just give me time. We will contact you." Physicist soul parent.
I finished watching the How the Universe Works: Hunt for Dark Matter episode. 
I thought that I could help them understand why they had not found it by explaining it to them.  So I wrote a letter to one of the presenters in the episode.  It is below: 
Dr Thaller was a presenter in the episode, Hunt for Dark Matter
:: beginning of letter ::


Hi Dr. Thaller,

I finished watching the episode, Hunt for Dark Matter, and you were in it. The reason I am writing to you versus the other folks is because you mentioned at the program’s end the existence of beings made of Dark Matter. This openness is why I thought you may be open to the explanation below.

Where is Dark Energy & Matter, DEM?
DEM is in us, on us, it is all around us.
There is a simple tool to verify this, the Velvet Hand racket. 

Velvet Hand racket:

Go here to learn how to make a velvet hand racket.

After you make your own velvet hand racket, you can now verify DEM on your outer skin.
Place the racket handle between your legs with the ratchet in front of your body.
Place both closed finger hands on the sides of the racket’s strings.
Now move your hands up and down and all around. 

How does a velvet hand rack verify DEM on my hands?
The velvet sensation you feel is your hands touching each other without DEM in the middle.
The strings push aside the DEM on our hands to allow us to touch our hands.
Nothing has changed since we were a baby with soft skin.
What has happened over the years is that we walk through DEM and have gathered a layer of DEM on our outer skin which is beneficial for our well being. 

Why has the science community not found DEM on Earth?
I told you in the previous section why.
Answer is below…
The physical things we make are not imbued with DEM.
DEM interacts with DEM. 
I used my clairvoyance to watch a BART train on the raised tracks punch a hole in the DEM ocean and see the ocean close up around it as it passed.
I viewed timeline records of me on a bicycle and in a car cutting a path through Green Leaf energy and nothing happens between the DEM and the physical transportation.

What does this all mean?
That race track in the Swiss Alps is kind of a waste of money.
On an up note, we, the human race, have everything we need to start making DEM machines.
We are imbued with DEM, therefore we can interact with DEM.

Thanks for your time.
Let me know what you think.
David Hallsted
912 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707


 :: End of letter ::


So, the reply to the letter was nothing.
Perhaps she is on vacation or the email went straight to the spam folder?
So, do I write to the other folks in the series: Stephon Alexander, Andrew Pontzen, Phil Plait, Claudia de Rham, Chiara Mingarelli, Grant Termblay, Max Tegmark, Paul M. Sutter, James Bullock, Hakeem Oluseyi, Philip Hopkins, and Amber Straughn?
All the above folks want to know about DEM, or will those results be the same. Nothing.
I do know one thing. I woke up one morning after I sent the letter wondering why my last sleep thought was about cattle guard crossings. I figured someone did read the letter and thought of another physical objects that doesn't interact with DEM.

Cost of CERN
They are spending a bunch of money on it and they are never going to interact with it. So, what do I do?

I don't want to become a stalker of physicists, but at the same time they want to know about DEM.


In a side note, I need the physicists help. I can see 100% of everything but I don't know how to make sense of it. 

Yeah, we need to work as a team

Wish me luck.  



2023 July 30 - grammar, changed find to interact, added link

2023 August 27 - resent the letter to the Dr. and CC everyone else.  Change DEM to DEM on Earth.

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