Sunday, December 10, 2023

Gravity pulls on Man Made Objects

"Thanks for showing me the threads." David
"You are welcome." Gaia avatar
Below are the pic from a ScienceNews article on antimatter. 
Cover of ScienceNews mag with antimatter article.

The full article on antimatter.

Above is the part that contradict each other from a clairvoyant sight. 
As mentioned in the previous blog post
"I guess gravity. How is it that a light and heavy object fall at the same rate. But, if you use clairvoyance, you see that everything that is picked up from the Earth has a small razor gray thread attached to the Earth. Now it make sense that acceleration is not the rate that it falls, it is an elastic constant of the gray thread, gravity."

There is a razor thin gravity thread even on these atoms. 
As stated above, gravity is not the rate of fall, but the elastic constant of the grey threads, gravity.
Maybe one day, clairvoyants and physicists can work together as a team to map Dark Energy & Matter, DEM.

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