Sunday, December 11, 2016

Avatar operation: Ghost Ship Fire's Misdirect and Soul Save

Ghost Ship Ariel Phote from KGO TV

Quote: "I will sacrifice myself to save all from harm." Oakland City Avatar.

In my flat, I am sitting on my throne, a.k.a. my toilet, doing my duty, both of them. I sensed dozens of souls with shoulder avatars in the next room as I am filled on the fire's results.

In the record of the Ghost Ship fire, avatar hack, force thought, shield, guards and viewing bubbles were used to misdirect and save all the souls and shoulder avatars, except one. 

Avatar hack: Wrong address
Below is an excerpt from SF Gate: 

The map on the Facebook event page marked the site on 31st Street instead of 31st Avenue, sending the friends to the wrong place.
“There’s a bunch of people who didn’t show,” he said. “There could have been a lot more casualties.” 

In the record on Facebook, the event was book for 600 people to show. Hundreds of folks did not find the correct address. Having a map go to a wrong address was an easy hack for avatars who see the green lines of the map program. The Google Map avatar coordinated the misdirect with each human's avatar. The human's avatar used force thought to ensure their human stayed confused, never making it to the event.

Avatar shield: Save them all
The goal was to protect the souls and retain the shoulder avatars, the spirit of the soul. The Oakland City avatar coordinated the octahedron shield around the ghost ship building to ensure no souls were taken by the dark ones. At the top, was the Oakland City avatar. The four corners were water and fire golems with a forest golem at the bottom. Inside the shield, Sun energy encased the Ghost ship. Additional Sun guards were stationed inside the burning build to stop any dark souls or avatars who penetrated the shield.

Venusian viewing bubbles: Feel the burn
The avatars on Venus had to take the hit for the humans who were to died in the fire. Through viewing bubbles, the Venusian avatar had the human's shoulder avatar superimpose themselves over the human to take the pain of the death of suffocation or burning.

One Venusian, decided to not endure the pain of death and let their shoulder avatar loose. The loose avatar became a wandering spirit, who escaped the shield.  A pair of dark avatars immediately took their prey. Both the Venusian avatar and soul now have to track down the spirit to reunite them to the soul.

Overall, the operation was an excellent success. Well done.
Updated: 2018 January 15 - Added soul's spirit = shoulder avatar, grammar

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