Sunday, December 4, 2016

2016 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Yeah, I created another trainer in Pokemon Go." Ibol2401

30th - Driving home from work, I pass a geese avatar who switched places with the my shoulder avatar to go to the house. Part of the new avatar training is to take on the responsibilities of an animal avatar.

26th - Old Town Sacramento - A red hair man in a blue beater car held a light cigarette and a smart phone in one hand and asked if I was lost. He said that I seemed to be wondering back and forth all over the place. I guess if you did a high view of a me doing Pokemon Go, I would appear as a person who could not decide where I are going
In the record, the car is an avatar car. The man was the Green Dragon, while Blue on pedal duty. Both had human bodies. The amazing thing was the the cigarette was light. How, I do not know.
- While I was Pokemon hunting in Old Town Sacto, the cops were out looking for person of interest, which meant the dragons were out guarding me. Gwen and Ibol were a Hispanic couple. Red was a tall elderly male, while the White and Black dragons remained invisible.
Landscape map is possible.
 24th - Out on the Pokemon hunt, the game came up in landscape mode. I did nothing it just happened.
In the record, the avatar wanted to see how it looked and decided that it was not going to work for me.

23rd - I created Ibol2401 to transfer all the gym fighting Pokemon from the BlueDragon2401. The real Blue Dragon wants a favor before I do the transfers.
- Driving to UCSC to pickup my Ben for the holiday, a box man type entity entered our world and asked for the one who sacrificed everything. Ibol replied and I started to cry. The entity was on the scale of Box man, just huge. See the last picture for scaling.

22nd - I left work briefly to capture the two gyms within walking distance. After I captured and collected on the gyms, a bulbasaur appeared exactly where I was. I captured it and appraised a Pokemon with perfect stats.  Just then, a young boy with backpack passed me and spoke words that I did not understand.  "Well done. I hope you enjoy him." were his words spoken in Marsh Avatar language.

- I start a new Pokemon Go avatar, but this one is going to be me playing the game. David2401 is taken, so I decided to use Ibol2401, where Ibol is the name of my avatar. While in the shower, Ibol mentally requested a word with me tonight. In bed, the avatar of the day readied me to start the John Carter process. Ibol summoned me to my body. I looked up at her avatar form. She placed her breasts around my face, and said, "You won't drive with me will you?" I agreed to not use the Ibol2401 trainer and drive or I will suffer the consequences.

17th - A song came on and I start to cry. It hit Ibol straight to her being. She had given up her life to make me happy even if it meant her end, though the opposite happened.
16th - On my way home from work, three dragons were in the cross walks in front of my stopped car. The dragons were White, Green/Blue, and Black at Russell St, Oregon St. and Stuart, St..
At work, a person's computer was avatar hacked. I showed up and it suddenly worked correctly. I told them, "They have to behave when I am around."

13th - On the UCB campus doing Pokemon Go hunting with Jon, I almost fell down the stairs at Sproul Hall, but didn't. I did several quick steps as I quickly descended the stairs. At the bottom, having returned to my body, I asked Jon what my feet did because I have no clue what happened.
In the record, a dark soul held his hand out flat against the my left foot to stop it from stepping down. With my body tipped, I started to fall. Ibol avatar substituted in for the quick stepping to prevent the fall. I returned to my body at the bottom of the steps.
In the record, as I write the blog, I learned how to extract the dark soul out of a record and put him in the bag for a bath. I also conversed with Ibol and thanked her for saving me yet again.
I think they are after the Pokedex. I would have lived through the fall.

12th - I rode the bike from Berkeley to Treasure Island to check out the Pokemon hunting.  The hunt was mediocre. On the North side of the Island, my game locked up. I instantly knew that it's an avatar hack. The avatar hackers started a mental conversation with me. 

"What do you want?"
"Just to play the game."
"How do we know that."
"Look, I just want to play the game."
"Why should we let you?"
"I wouldn't do this."

There was no reply as a twenty branch timeline was drawn up with no catch. A shake or two and the catch materialized with dark souls on all the branches. In the bag they go for a bath.
The game restarted with easy. As I left the island, I made a final poke stop. Out came the Pokemon.  After I captured them all, I thanked the avatar for his help. Finally, a service oriented avatar who knew who was the customer.

Box Man scale to Humans: The scale of the one pulling the timeline versus the captured avatar/souls is a human to a plastic army man. The picture below is about the scale of a human to Box Man's hand. Yes, it is very big.

Human scale to Box Man's hand



2023 November 26 - changed font and intro

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