Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Schism: Avatar Disease

Tevor Noah talk on the Breakfast Club Power Radio Show - 2016 December 7

Quote: "We are the human's guides...not the ones to be saved." schismed Avatar husband
"Don't be afraid to ask for help." Avatar wife

At 32:19 Tevor hits his microphone.
Before and after the microphone hit, Tevor's hands moved vertical to the mic. When he said, "...if you look at it (racism) as a disease..." his left hand was hit by someone's hand.

What happened? Who did it? And why?

In the record, Tevor has a male and female avatar on Venus who watch over him. The female avatar used avatar hands and avatar speak to guide Tevor through the interview. On Venus, the male objected to the reference of disease for racism at the 30:39 mark. When the female avatar mentioned racism as a disease again, he hit her hand on Venus which hit the mic on Earth.

The avatar world battles the disease of the schism. It darkens their being with patches of black and purple which hides their true radiant energy form. This disease affects humans in  their thoughts and actions. As mentioned in a previous post, the health and well being of the human is related to the health and well being of their avatar. 

It's hard to admit that you need help from humans, when you are the ones who guide the human race.

Updated - 2017 January 31 - added labels

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