Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Avatar Process: Money, Power, Religion

Quote: "You cannot buy an avatar's loyalty. Doing the right thing is what matters." Coach Dave

Do you think avatars have a monetary system...you know money?
They do have a hierarchy but I am restructuring them to teams with cross training.
As for religion, they are not gods, just people.

What is left?

Would it be so hard to believe that the West coast breaks off from the United States when the avatars come out?
With the avatars as our ally, they are the perfect defense.

The more you show that you care for the planet, the closer you are to allying yourself with the avatars.

Also, human souls under avatar care are 1/3 of the population on Earth. A 1/3 are avatars on the surface while a 1/3 are avatars that live underground. Read the updates for more details

I had a Black Hole maiden count the humans and avatars. She was very fast. Within a couple of minutes I had the count. I rounded it to make it simple.
Think about it. A maiden counts every thing in her galaxy spiral arm every two Earth years. Counting stationary people, humans and avatars, on this planet was easy.

Update - 2017 March 11 - add population 
- 2017 March 12 - how the count was done.
- 2017 March 19 - clarified count - I asked for the count detail. Found out that I did not ask the complete question. I gave them a picture of golems, surface avatars, and humans. The Black Hole maidens counted that, but 1/3 of the count I did not ask for.
What was not counted for were spirits, a.k.a.shoulder avatars, young souls that are lost, Mars souls on Earth, dwarfs and their golems, essences, sentinel thought forms, and more. This needs to be its own post. The Black Hole maidens can see it all.
- 2017 April 8 - correct update grammar
- 2019 October 6 - the post needs to be updated. Things have changed. 

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