Monday, February 20, 2017

Avatar World: The Dark Side of the Moon

Zughaus Gallery, Berkeley, CA

Quote: "I bet you did not know that the water runs up, not down." Victoria's Avatar

Along the railroad tracks, Victoria's has an art showing in the Zughaus Gallery.
I sat down in front of one piece and studied it. I knew it was an avatar world, but the irregular energies by the train track made it difficult to locate. I decided to create a clean area around me and focus my search. Then it happens, I am on the avatar world though my body was still on Earth.

"Ah, you are finally here."
"Yes, my home. Come let me show you it."

She walked me out the front door on to the porch. I saw a valley of the odd plants and trees.

"Nice view."
"I like it."

In the record, I knew these painting were of Victoria's avatar world, though I did not know where. Once touch, always in touch applied to the paintings. Since I saw the painting, I had access to that avatar world, the world of Victoria's Avatar on the dark side of the Moon.

If I can, I will try and get pics of her other art of the Avatar Moon. 
2023 December 26 - updated font, reposted pic

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