Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 January - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: Voodoo Dolls, Avatar customer training, Weather Dragons...all in a day for Coach Dave

2017 January - Dragon Diary

27th - It's the week of the weather dragons. The dragons and I looked for the voodoo doll of mine. While conscience in bed, I go down the dream stream (?) and meet the keeper of dreams. We tell him we are busting through to the planet. Once on the planet, the dragons tell me to not leave my protective shell. Once touched, always in touch applies for me to locate the doll. Then we find her. The dragon incinerate the metal used to torture her, a.k.a. me, and take her back to Earth. The doll is a female I made by myself on Mercury. She had been on a universal tour on the back of a dragon until she went missing.

22nd - Pokemon hunting is now practice for avatars on how to interact with humans.
- All avatars attend training on human customer relationship.
- Not having your Pokemon caught can cause you to be sent to a baths.
- Baths are not the luxury spa of old with female avatars attending you. They are on the front line of the dark soul rescue in water ships, battlefields, and sky ships. After their bath they are pressed into work to save souls and to look for their lost shoulder avatars.

12th - The control's WiFi just worked an hour ago now it does not. In the record, avatar hackers changed a bit so the address was incorrect.

11-12th - Work was a maze of force thoughts to create confusion. It exhausted for the avatar of the day.

9th -  I spook with a golems of the Garo Hills.

8th - Spent my time training the male avatar what the human customer would like in Pokemon Go. Any negative emotions towards me are reflect right back at them.

5th - Sent Storm Force to check out the falling tree death in San Diego. It was cut on purpose by dark souls. A quick discuss with the avatars to tell them if ill will is afoot, you can push the person out of harms ways.

4th - The avatar's hacking of the Pokemon game was their way of getting my attention. I need to learn more patience.
 - While on the can, it was discussed the reasons not to kill people with falling trees.

2nd - I figured out that the ability to capture Pokemon had been handicapped.
- There was a general meeting with the avatars of the Pokemon that the humans are the customer and if the game is not enjoyable then folks will stop playing it.

1st - Set limits on the avatar Pokemon on what it takes to catch them. I have finally figured out that I was hindered in my catching. It took me awhile because I was dealing with the gym hacks. But it answered the question of why I was always out of poke balls though Jon had too many balls. In fact, the saying "thrid times's the charms" was why every Pokemon took three throws to catch which should have be a one shot catch. 
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