Monday, July 31, 2017

2017 July - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "I thank the programmers and the electrical companies for Pokemon world." Lightning Creator

1st to 7th Box ladies take over for the week.

8th to 14th Mediterranean Golems are in. 

9th - Flying to Chicago for business. On the plane is Pops. I sit by him to talk to him during the plane trip.

13th - In Evanston, while Pokemon Go hunting I do work for the Chicago Avatar.

14th - Flying back to Oakland, it was White's turn to sit by me and talk on the flight. White mentioned two issues. He needs cough drops to suppress his cough and one can not go back in time.
In the record, due to White's origins on Mars, he has slight contamination, which explained his cough. If the throat chakra takes in energy that irritates you, you cough.
In the record, as for time travel, one can not undo what is done. Devil's bridge was not back in time but forward in time. It was necessary for me to meet the dark one that escaped from the black hole prison.

15th to 21st - Oceania golems - creators of water bodies on planets.
What we learned is that human emotion are very difficult to master. To think that the creator of emotions would devise happiness that can lapses into loneliness, so many paths, so much to gain or lose.
Raid party to capture Lugia. I am Jolteon.

23rd - The legendary Pokemon are out. Hardly anyone on the yellow team is in the raids, which means I get fewer balls for capture. I hear a voice in my head talk to me about trying.  I decide to do a good attempt even if it means less balls.
In the record, the creation of the Pokemon world has made its journey. From lightning to a world with digital people making decision. I would imagine humanity did a similar journey.

26th - Had lessons from the lightning creator on how to throw a Pokeball. I had to slow everything down for accuracy and patience.

30th - The lessons paid off. I caught 3 of 5 legendaries today, versus 4 of 15 last weekend. 
The lesson was slow-lazy-big curves.
- Lots of discussion on the chase team and who will be the "avatar of the day" for the cross country trip to Maryland to deliver Jon to his university. 

31st - I sometimes wonder where this will all end up.
I have told those around me about the blog to be transparent, but none of them have read it. I have no ideal what will happen if they finally read it.
There are times I wonder if this is all real, then I remember my hand tried to attack me.'s real. 
In one post, I took on a government, which seemed trivial compared to the other avatar agencies I deal with. And when I am in DC next week, I plan only to talk to the past presidents for input on forming a constitution for the solar system.
I have seen future visions of me in avatar cars going across country, literally over hill and dale, and across an ocean.
And the real question, "Do I get the girl?"
The sole reason I entered this world was for Ibol. But now there are many gorgeous females in my life and I love them all.  
And there is Trump. After his lunacy, would it be that crazy for me to come out. It will seem mundane. But think about it, the collapse of monetary systems, religions, and governments. What a crazy ride that will be. I think JC got off easy by hanging on a tree.
But...nothing happens until the avatars and golems come out. It is a choice they have to make.
Until then, I sit and wait...

2017 August 2 grammar 
2017 September 6 - new solar constitution, "We the people of the solar system promise to stop killing each other."  I like it simple and to the point. 
2023 November 26 - changed intro and font 

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