Friday, July 21, 2017

2017 June - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "We will help save this world from the atrocities that befall Earth." Oceania Golems

3rd - Had a massage therapist work on reconnecting my lower right leg. I attend the session in my body.
- Had to ask who the therapist was. The avatar of the day made the appointment. I had no clue who he was.
- The therapist was trying to help connect me.  He searched on my upper back blade and could not find a knot. He even said, everyone has a knot there. In the record, this maybe the point where your shoulder avatar is connected to you and is only unconnected at death when your shoulder avatar, a.k.a. spirit, goes free.
- At the hair cutter place, a large gray poodle was on the couch. I avatar dialogue on the Avatar of the day and say, "Oh, you are here." The poodle starts to lick my arm for several minutes. In the record, Princes Poodle took over the body of the poodle on Earth. Every lick was a turn on.

4th - Siren, BART, and Motorcycles are very loud for me, I have to cover my ears. Yet everyone around me seems unmoved by the noise. In the record, the lack of green Earth energy allows more noise to come through then normal. Also, the doctors keep saying that I have hearing damage in my ears. Go figure.
- When an energy wave comes through everyone looked like coral, unmovable with a green outline of Earth energy. And yet I do breathe hiccups to survive.
- Female Pikachu talked to me.

5th - The French golems are here this week. They described human movement like sea urchins in a ocean of earth energy.  Golems move quick inside the Earth.
- I walk by a dog park and two dogs go at it. Princess Poodle demands to know which dog people on her planet are out of control. In the record, the Princess can sense what I sense since I, a beagle, am married to her in Dog world.

6th - Did ESD training at work. When I mention treating the PC Boards with respect I get teary eyed. In the record, our electronics are becoming sentient.

9th - I keep wondering why I look at the GBS German Sheppard on dog planet. It is because her thoughts are always on my safety that I have her in my thoughts.
- Several male French golems were sent away to work on their tattoo scars. In the record, golems of Earth have also become contaminated and are now scarred with dark marks on their bodies.

12th - The cubicle light flickered on then off. 

14th - Several golem males are teleported to the baths after a very strong force thought was used on David. In a previous post I mentioned that European Golem may be difficult due to the number of war fought in Europe. 
- All effort is going to solve the 13th world issue. Its a mirror world with a twist. I wake form  a soul tether from the 13th frustrated.

15th - The cubicle light flickered on then off. The avatar of the day spoke to the male golem who did the light. He sheepishly said, "We had no ideal we would be sent away."

16th - Picked Ben up at UCSC. Before meeting Ben I walked Downtown Santa Cruz to do Pokemon hunting. In the record, the Santa Cruz city avatar used David to draw energy up through him to create a different energy pattern for the downtown. Looking above I see palette of blue and green energies. Where I walked, are golden wall of light. The city avatar used the wall to create a energy bank for Santa Cruz area.

17th - Alp golem are here. A male golem was already sent to the baths.

18th - Pokemon Go hunting on Solano, when I come across a female Sneasel. I am having a hard time trying to catch her when I hear, "How bad do you want me?"
"Probably not very bad since you wont be any good."
"To bad, I was hoping to meet you later."
The avatar of the day, caught, apprised and then transferred her.
In the record, the Pokemon go avatars are more vocal to get to know me.
- 4 bikers started to walk their bicycle up the gravel walk. The avatar of the day said to them that they need to use the gears to go up the hill. In the record, the Alps golems made purple bike shell that had gears for show.
- At the Cosco/Freeway on ramp, a car ran the stop sign. In the record, the golems made a car shell, but were scared to stop it completely for fear that it would not start up again.

19th - I walk pass a gorgeous female and then another one followed by a male. Both females made eye contact with me. In the record, the Alps golems used flesh shells to walk on the topside.

23rd - A large black truck roared by me on my trip home on Shattuck Ave. The truck was later stuck at on the road after the light had turned green. In the record, as a part of the male golem's final was to ride an avatar car with Gwen as the backup. She was patience with them which allowed them to restart their car to go.

18th to 23rd - the cubicle light flickered on then off. In the record, several of the male golem were sent to the bath, after I allowed them the chance to practice what the female do. They decided to do the light to be safe.
- my left leg was killing me this week, though it is fine now, Friday night. In the record, alignment of Earth energy for my body needs more practice.
- Lots of shells were practiced all this week.

24th - In a night walk Pokemon Go hunting, I came across a cat laying in the road wanting to be petted. 
In the record, I reach into my check out box for the record that is shaped like a Poke ball. This was the first electronic female to take on a physical shell to be on earth.

2017 November 26 - grammar corrections 
2023 November 26 - changed font

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