Sunday, July 30, 2017

Avatar of the Day List 2017

Each week, I allow a different avatar group to experience life as a human as the avatar of the day. Below is the list for 2017.

Quote: "David has been very kind to allow us access to his body...all of it." Female Dragons

Dragons take on human form to be here on Earth

January: GBS, Garo Hills golems, Himalayan golems

February: K2 golems, Karakoram golems, Suleiman golems, Punjab golems

March: Punjab golems, Black Hole maidens, Plateau of Iran golems, Turan Lowland - Caspian Depression golems

April: West Siberian Plain golems, West Siberian Oil golems, Ural Mountain golems 

May: Ural Magma golem, Elemental avatar, Transport avatar, English Isle witches 

June: Japan Dragons and golems, French golems, Alps golems, German golems 

July: Box Moms, Mediterranean Sea golems, Oceania golems, Macedonia Mountain golems

August: Adriatic sea dragons, Uncle's wives, Bros & Sisses, Imps

September: Nile River Basin golems, The Great Rift Valley golem, Flight Origin Avatars, Dark female Mages a.k.a. succubus (Ubol's Sisters)

October: West African Craton Golems, Gulf of Guinea Golems, Sahel Golems, Mount Kilimanjaro Avatar

Southern Ocean Current avatars maintain the vortices in the Southern Ocean

November: GBS, South African Central Plateau Golems, Southern Ocean Current avatars, Moms and Aunts, Northern Dragons in Antarctica
Scotia Sea Mountains
Monte Fitz Roy Mountain

December: Scotia Sea Mountain Golems, Tierra De Fuego Ice golems, Monte Fitz Roy Mountain golems, GBS

2017 changed golems to dragons in August, September, October
2023 November 26 - changed font

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