Saturday, October 7, 2017

2017 September - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "City avatars, gremlins, golems, and origin life is an Anime" Life Coach Dave

 1st - At the SacAnime, Pops plays board games with Josh, Ben and me.

2nd - Sacramento Avatar came by and tried on the Magikarp hat while her daughter does a raid with me. She said, "I am a crazy lady wearing a fish."
- Meet an avatar dressed up on the vendor floor. In the record, the avatar had a shoulder avatar riding shoot gun at the Anime event. It was the Sacramento avatar and her daughter doing recon inside the event, which is how they knew when I went outside to do the raid.

3rd - The game room of the Anime event, a player used sing-song speech to explain the game rules to Josh, Ben and me.
In the record, the three player had no shoulder avatars.

4th - Driving home on freeway 80, we pass the Vacaville substation. I see a large female energy sitting on top of the entire substation. She bid my a hello.
In the record, until I had meet the lightning creators I had no ideal that the electric grid is manned by a process avatars.

5th - No typing errors today. In the record as a part of their training, the avatar of the day tries to make no typing error.

6th - Avatar catch and TM team work was on the class schedule.

13th - I only keep the Pokemon in the top 90 to 100% range. Before I transfer them I need to acknowledge the effort they did to be caught.
- Both White and a Box person now work at my work. Very odd.
- The Serengeti Golem played Treadmarks' capture the flag. The greatest glory was to plant the flag and instantly die on a mine. In their words, "Glory and Death in under a second."

19th -  My Lyft ride goes off without me as I watch the car image on the map. In the record, gremlins will be with me through out my San Diego lean training.

20th - The red Pokemon gyms was guarded by Ubol. As I try to take the gym, various error, blank screens, thrown out, missing gym, and no login are used to stop me from taking the gym. In the end, I had to give it up, even though earlier in the day I had done a raid battle at the same gym. 

21st - The same Pokemon go errors practiced by Ubol yesterday were now being taught to the gremlins in a gym in the middle of the San Diego airport.
In human form, the Mum of Flight Origin visited me at the airport boarding line. This will be it separate post.

25th - At the BAHVN meeting, Al and I were doing breathe hiccups.

29 - The succubus did one better in Treadmarks' capture the flag. The avatar of the game planted the flag then was fragged. In the record, the laser blast was in mid air when Cricket was captured. 

2017 October 26 added quote from Sacramento avatar. 
2018 August 1 - Yeah I will be there this year. No monkey business okay.  
2023 November 26 - changed intro and font 
2024 May 3 - reposted pics

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