Sunday, October 8, 2017

Flight Origin Mum - Human flight tethers

The Flight Origin Mum lifts her hands up to envelope the balloon with brown Earth energy.

Quote: "Without us, humans could not survive flight...but with us, the stars are your path." Flight Origin Mum

In my body, the avatar of the day was in line to board the Southwest flight from San Diego to Oakland. A lady in a flowing brown dress, large brown jewelry, holding a brown bag purse talked to me.

Before she spoke, she swayed low to size me up.
"How was your stay?"
"I was here for training. Why were you here?"
"Oh I fly to many places. My husband is getting on the flight before me."

She now stood in front of me. I see that she has an C boarding pass in her hand.
I pop back in my body for the rest of the conversation.

"What type of training?"
"Lean. I help people improve their processes."

She pause to think as she walked away. 
"What am I doing?"
"I thought you said you flew many place."
"I have."

From the seated areas, a young person walked up to the lady.
"You are boarding this flight."
"Yes, I am on this flight." 

In the record, the meeting of the Flight Origin Mum brought forth several insights.
When you take on human form, all memory of what you were is gone. It is good to have a shoulder avatar to help remind or look up information in the timeline, which happens at my work all the time. In this case the Flight Origin Mum decided to forgo her daughter as a should avatar. The daughter took on a human form to assist her Mom just in case.

The avatar are more bold about appearing in front of other people.

The flight has two flight avatar on topside of the plane versus one.

She swayed for a better view of my shoulder avatar.

The gremlins and flight avatars work together as a team.

On my flight from Chicago, I notice that I needed more Earth energy and had to cough. Several other passengers also coughed.  Perhaps two flight avatar are necessary for faster or higher flights? Not sure.

While doing this post, she commented on my lack of art skill. "I suppose you going to give me a triangle nose."  You are a natural at the skill if done in a past life, otherwise you need to learn it. 
2023 November 26 - changed font, reposted pic

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