Sunday, November 5, 2017

Self Portrait - David Alan Bartholomew Phillip Hallsted

Self portrait - 2012 March 19: Mars is red. Venus is blue. Mercury is violet. Earth is green. Orange is Ibol. Yellow is Gaia. The nines are spiral vortices, a.k.a. chakras. The eye in the upper right is a close up of Bart's eyes, Grey folk, on my face.

 Quote: "I shared my fire eyes with David so he sees his path." Bartholomew of the Gray folk

Monday's evening Bay Area Hearing Voice Network meeting in the Berkeley community center had started. Sedria was talking when I looked to my right and saw a regular attendee who stared at me in horror as they clasped their backpack.

Concerned, I asked, "Are you okay? Are you okay?"

A noise distracted me to look at Sedria. When I looked back, the person was completely relaxed as though nothing had happened.

In the record, while looking through a Venusian view bubble, the human's avatar started to talk to his friend.
"When David is around I have to make sure that I pull myself out before he looks at him."
"What are you talking about? He can't be that bad. Let me have a look."
"Out of my way." 
After he pushed his friend aside, he inserted his hands and face in the view bubble. 
"I am warning you, don't look."
Once in the view bubble, the friend's avatar was petrified in fear and could not move. My fiery head was replaced with a huge fire ball which came towards him. The attendee's avatar had Sedria do a distraction. Once I looked away, he yanked his friend out of the bubble, which allowed his human to resume their normal posture.

In the record, my work with Pandora's box had a side affect on those who were schismed inside the box. Their schismed event were reflected back at them. The fire ball was the schismed event that cut him in two.

I did the self portrait because several of the avatar who watched Naruto with me said that I looked like his fire beast mode. See the picture below.
I was curious and decided to do a pastel drawing of me via an avatar mirror. The picture above was from March 2012. I have changed in various ways since then. It should be safe to view because it was done before I started work on Pandora's Box. Though if you do have problems with the picture, let your avatar know so I can help.

Naruto's Fire Beast Mode
2017 November 5 Added date of scare event and minor grammar changes.
- An avatar mirror used a yellow ball and blue cube for a single pane record. The item of interest rotates inside the pane for examination. All other items in that time line are not included.
- Changed confused to curious
- That lower right symbol in the top picture is not the Star of David. It is a 3-D representation of a DEM accelerator.
2017 December 31 - The chakras having the colors of the planets is common to all folks with human souls. Just had Helena Blavatsky verify this for me.
2018 August 19 - added Bart's eyes
2018 October 28 - grammar and Bart eye details
2018 December 5 - changed 2nd to "a". Not sure what level of coming it is. The avatar shoulder one seems to be the 2nd coming. Perhaps the soul release is the 3rd? Not sure.
2020 June 13 - Spelling and labels
2020 October 11 - added Phillip to my middle names. In the record, Alan is my human soul middle name. Bart is the name of the creator of the creator of the creator. And Phillip was created by Bart and helps out.
2020 November 29 - grammar  
2023 August 1 - changed font, reposted pic
2023 November 12 - added location of support meeting, added DEM accelerator, updated view bubble

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