Thursday, November 9, 2017

2017 October - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "David will make it, though he will need our guidance." Walter of the Gray folk

1st - I have come to realize that Gwen, Kenisha, Green and Red now live in the neighborhood. 
-  While driving in the car to an Entei raid, the avatar of the day spun a stop. At the raid, she was thrown out of the raid and lost the gym pass. In the record, I vowed to never drive and play Pokemon Go. The people of that digital world held me to that promise with a small penalty.

4th - My dreams were interrupted by me peeing in bed. In the record, I had a talk with the male imps at the house. To keep them busy, they are on a new assignment, "find holes in any of our defenses at any of the locations".

Entei raid
6th - No matter how many balls I get for the raid, I already know if the Pokemon avatars will allow me to catch the raid Pokemon. In the record, Pokemon world look at your timeline to see if you are worthy to own the Pokemon. 
- Did soul tethering to find a dark one who wanted help.

9th - At the BAHVN meeting, a long time meeting member looked at me in horror for several seconds as I asked if they were okay. This is its own post.
- The dark one from the 6th had his love come to the meeting for help by me. 
- A Gray folk added extra energy barrier at the meeting. Need to do a post on it.

10th - It's game night at the my flat. I decide to come back in my body to play a few games. Immediately I start putting game piece away in the wrong bag. I explained, "A bag is a bag."
- At that game night, I asked Josh how I met him and said that it was through gaming? In the record, the avatars of the day had meet him through our enjoyment of anime which I would not know because I was not in my body at that time. 
- I make the perfect milkshake for Jenny and Jason. 
- I forgot who Jason was.

 11th - I go for a short Pokemon Go walk to catch. I walk by an orange Tabby sitting in the street. I walk by and say hello. In the record, it is the second time the Pokemon world has taken a physical shell in the physical world. 

13th - I picked up Ice Cream at Tucker's in Alameda.  A homeless person shuffled in and asked for water. I knew that he did an okay dress up. In the record, the gray folk are just like us human, while the Box people are more Energy based. The record I was given to read was a scroll that encircled me without an end. I was able to pull out individual time where they did intervened to steer the direction of the human race. 
In talking to him, Walter, the reason for his visit was to meet me, though we never talked. 
I go out on a limb here, I am guessing that they are trying to make a world for them to live in. One of many that they live in, but something went wrong with Earth. More questions...

18th - The Golden State Warrior and Houston Rocket avatars made sure that both locations got the emotional energy rise needed for the energy bank waves.  
- I made a complement to a house about their decorations. I heard a male voice say, "Thanks." In the record, I had suspected for sometime that house was individual, an avatar. In making a house, you make a guardian. The better shape the house is the better the guardian. This needs more investigation on my part. 
- Once known, I now see all of the house guardians. Wow! I knew churches and stores had an avatars, but houses. It makes sense.

23rd - I looked at the record of the BAHVN meeting. I saw us seated in a circle and lots of other people surrounded us filling the room flowing out the building
 - I stopped to take a Pokemon Go gym.  As I took the gym, a doe and two fawn walked up the sidewalk where I was and stayed there waiting for me to finish the gym battle. In the record, as soon as I looked at the deers three Pokemon balls pop into the record. Our electric creations have advanced from a lone cat to deers. Well done.  

25th - I put the recycling and trash can away for 908 Shattuck. I was by the house and the dog barked. All of a sudden, my Beagle self was in my body and talked to the dog. In the record, I am so behind on talking dog while my Beagle self on Dog planet is competent in human English. The key I am told is to feel the words and the bark will mimic the sound. So I push him in to me for a few lessons on dog speak. 

30th -  I rode the bicycle from Dawna's home to Frontier Park for Pokemon Go hunting. I need to cross the South River Road but there is no cross walk button. I rode over the stop light's inductive loop and the light switches green for me go to. 
In the record, it was just a wet day and I was able to conduct better for the loop to pick me up. I had to run the red light to cross the street the rest of the week.

End pic in Matrix movie.

31st - In St. Charles, I watched the Matrix with Sister Dawna and her boys. The DVD showed the movie until it paused exactly at, "system failure". 
In the record, I saw an avatar put their finger on the white life line of the player to pause or avatar hack the movie. We watched other movies later that week and the DVD player was fine.

2017 November 11&13 - grammar corrections 
2023 November 26 - changed font and intro

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