Sunday, January 7, 2018

Avatar of the Day List 2018

Each week, I allow a different avatar and golem groups to experience life as a human as the avatar of the day. Below is the list for 2018.

Quote: "We seek peace with the Human race." Mountain Dragons
Pokemon #350: Milotic Gijinka as a monk
Golems and Dragons Andes by Santiago Chile

Montaña de Siete Colores – the “Mountain of Seven Colors”

Pacific Northwest Jet stream animation
Quetzalpetlatl, Latin American Pyramid dragon

January: Golems & Dragons of Santiago Andes, Montaña de Siete Colores - Andes in Peru, Moon avatars, Pacific Northwest jet stream avatars,  Latin American pyramids dragons

Comet to hit the Yucatan Peninsula
February: Amazon River and Forest avatars, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta golems, Gulf Stream Dragons, Comet Dragons

Lake Titicaca, Bolivian Side
Sierra Madre Occidental
Heaven Lake of Baekdu Mountain

March: Lake Titicaca dragons, avatar, & golems, Sierra Madre Occidental dragons, avatar, & golems, Korean avatars, dragons, & golems

Southern Guangxi Province, China
Tibet-Qinghai Plateau

Bayanbulak grassland in Hejing County.
The Oort avatars and dragons inhabit Earth as whales.

April: Southern Hills avatar, dragons, and golems; Tibetan plateau avatar, dragons, and golems; Bayankulak avatar, dragons, and golems; Oort avatar and dragons a.k.a whales; Spiral Arm maidens; Auditors, a.k.a. Bart's Sisters

Dolphins - Sister Solar System cousins
The Tree-squirrel is a cross between a human and tree avatar.
May: Auditors, a.k.a. Bart's Sisters; Dolphins - Solar System cousins; Tree-squirrels; Fifth Planet Dragons, Mantle Golems

Pic from the Devil is a Part Timer Anime. - closest pic to the Orange  queen's wraith
June: Mantle Golems, Orange Planet Queens, Sun Tree Maidens, Daughters of Avatars, Transport avatars, Celestial Energy avatars a.k.a. gravity

July: Celestial Energy avatars, Time Maidens, Golem Express maidens, Seven Maidens of Mercury, Appalachian Golem Maidens

August: Appalachian Golem Maidens, Many Hands, Dragon Time Maiden, Ibol Lines, Fire Maidens

September: Ibol's Daughters, Dog Maidens and Princess Poodle, Many Hands maidens, Hawaiian Goddess
Hurricane Micheal

October: Rainbow girls a.k.a GBS, Storm Maidens,  American State Dragons

November: American State Dragons, Avatars of inspiration (a.k.a. art, invention, creativity), Gaia vortices avatars,Gray maidens, Golem Council Maidens

December: Golem Council Maidens, Magma Council Maidens, Air Current Council Maidens, Lightning Council Maidens, Oceania Council Maidens

2018 January 7 - grammar
2018 January 28 - added golems
2018 February 26 - changed avatars to dragons
2019 January 1 - changed Gaia water to Oceania council
2019 February 3 - added air 
2023 November 26 - changed font

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