Friday, February 16, 2018

Avatar Substitution: Las Vegas shooter

 From SF Gate - 2018 February 10

Quote:  "We serve and protect our human friends with our lives." Princess Poodle

Update on Stephen Paddock's autopsy

I started to open the record of the shooter, then Ben Paddock grabbed my hand to open the record. He too, wanted to save his Pop, who possessed his son, Stephen. 
In the record, both Ben and I saw his dark Pop shoot at the window and rant to kill them all. His Pop was in Stephan human body with no shoulder avatar.

They solved the problems of the Paris train shooting. With lots of money, guns, ammo,  cameras, distance, isolation, and training, the mass killing was able to take place.

How to stop avatar substitution shooting?
A solution is to use dogs because they can see the energy side of humans. They see the absence of shoulder avatar and will attack. Also, if the shoulder avatar is out of sync with the human soul, they will still attack. Yes, in the beginning, Ubol had to suddenly leave my body when dogs came around.
Also, post dogs at the entrances of buildings, but not the German Sheppard dogs that you can see a mile away. You want purse dogs, in a purse so they are hidden. Train them to quietly nudge you in the direction of the unusual person. With no barking, the surprise will be on your side, because the substitute avatar will not see it coming.

Comment: I originally thought it was Ben who possessed Stephan. Always open the record to check. 
2023 November 26 - changed font 
2024 May 3 - reposted pics, changed font

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