Friday, February 2, 2018

2018 January - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote:   "As a rabbit, I have watched him from he is mine." Quetzalpetlatl

1st - Out Pokemon Go hunting by bicycle and Ibol was the tag team.

2nd - Everything that day was breaking.

3rd - Confess that my life is a house of card ready to fall at any minute.

4th - I open my eye, experience the earthquake, go back to sleep.  This will be a post.
- Congrats on a job well done Hayward fault Golems.

5th - I invite the golems to live on the surface.

6th - In Sacto for 2nd Xmas, people ask me how Jon is. I have no ideal and text him for his reply. He is my son in Earth time, but he is smart because he has been here before.

Ashley Graham interview with Tevor Noah. Her avatar speaks at this point. Note the tone and mannerism.

8th -  "Eureka, a white woman with curves. Let's put her on a pedestal and see what she has to say about feeling good in her skin." Ashley Graham was avatar spook by her avatar. Again note the tone and mannerism which change from her normal to a different person.

9th - The neighbors bring their dog over for game night. Two things happened. 
The dog first arrive she was barking and I was barking back. They asked that she be quiet but came to realize I was barking just a much noise. In the record, I think I am getting the hang of speaking Dog. 
The dog later goes to the living room and curls up on the big pillow. The owner asked if I minded and said it was okay. The next day I look a the pillow and see an energy dog there. In the record, the door to Dog planet is in the living room. Since she, the dog was physical present, they can now be sitting on the pillow to keep track of my.

10th - At the massage appointment, I take off my socks standing up, which means I have to cross my lower leg over my knee, which ends up pointing straight at the therapist. He immediately push his chair away from my foot's direction. 
In the record, a ray of yellow energy came out of my feet but ended at the energy bubble. The therapist had to move just outside of the bubble to avoid contact.

13th - On Marin Circle, while I was raiding a gym, a blonde female goes jogging by accompanied by a white male riding a bicycle. This was not the first time she was by and the male was having trouble riding the bike. I avatar speak my own body and say, "That's nice she is riding with her." 
In the record, it's Ubol first time on a bike. 
Rock finger to increase the quantity of stars to mesmerize the Pokemon
14th - When Pokemon raiding, I always try to do what the creator of electricity, lightning, taught me for catching Pokemon. Do big circles while I rock the top finger digit back and forth to increase the dazzle to mesmerize the Pokemon.
In the record, it does not work all the time for an easy catch, but once touched always in touch allows me to see what they saw. Soon after the catch I can see exactly the dazzle of stars that confused them to be caught.

23rd - I looked up at the cumulonimbus cloud and talk to the weather avatar about the life and death of a snow flakes.

24th - My manager at work walked by me and I suddenly do a mistake in the assembly build. I start to suspect that his schismed side is at work.  In the record, I see that the imps are now testing the avatars of the day by order of Box man.

- For the last two weeks, there were lots of images of me traveling the golem express. This will be its own post.

25th to 29th - Sick with flu. Dragons binged watch Dragon Maid anime.

27th -  Quetzalpetlatl was betrothed to me. We are happy. 

2018 April 15: grammar 
2023 November 26 - changed font and intro

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